Cacao Ceremony
I have been to a few of your cacao ceremonies and enjoy yours the most. I like the fact that it is not stand-alone, but part of a bigger experience, the journey. It has a purpose wider than drinking cacao. You have made doing it online special. I can really feel the connection with others although we are miles apart. I like that you guide people in the ways to prepare, you give them the facts and then allow them to make their own decisions through experience. Every circle just gets better. Thanks for holding that great space.

Spell Work Circles

Spell circles with Fionn and Belinda are great, but as this is a very new area for me I can't comment too much. I've only had one and will be joining them for Yule, but it is interesting and provides information on many levels. Definitely worth trying for me 🤎
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Sister Circles
Thank you so much for bringing us together.  I loved the energy in the circle and that we could share everything.  Your energy is truly amazing.