Power Retrieval

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My Power Retrieval session with Fionn was absolutely incredible! relaxing yet I got so many messages and healing from it too. Fionn is a powerful channel and a very caring and dedicated practitioner. Fionn is a trustworthy and experienced healer and I will be back for me.  Thank you, Fionn, Aho 🙏🥰

Distance Power Retreival (Canada)

I was feeling drained, and a little out of sorts earlier in the year, in particular, that loss of energy which comes from a few too many stresses and strains going on in my life.  It was suggested to me to try a healing technique called "Power Retrieval". This was new to me, and I decided to work with Fionn for my first session on a "Distance" version of this Power Retrieval. Fionn chatted with me about what I was hoping to achieve, and what my current concerns were. We then agreed on the time at which Fionn would journey to conduct the power retrieval, and subsequently when we would reconnect again to discuss. When we reconnected, the journey she took was really quite profound. She saw my power animal, and she described in a lot of detail a state which I was longing to get back to and was hoping for. While I didn't feel anything immediately during the time Fionn had made the journey, the coming days, weeks, and months resulted in a lifting of a heavyweight from my shoulders, a substantial increase in energy, drive, and a wonderful result of a pregnancy! I do believe that this session helped me get unstuck and the details of the journey resonated with me that I continued to have dreams, and have images flash up of what Fionn had described. I felt she saw my future self and that in itself was the motivation from Spirit to take back my power. Definitely worth giving it a try, and I would certainly draw upon this technique again should I phase a similar challenge in the future.

Power Retrieval (In-Person)

I felt much more cheerful after my Power Retrieval. It helped me to keep calm and more steady. I did not feel like I need to be in the centre  of attention and I was not scared to miss out anymore. I also realised that I am quite happy the way I am and the right people

Distance Power Retrival (Scotland)

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I had a distance Power Retrieval with Fionn and at the time I was going through quite an anxious period in my life not only because of the Pandemic but due to issues with my husbands business and trying to juggle everything. I had felt my heart close down but after my session with Fionn, I immediately felt much lighter and an expansion in my heart where I could feel like I had the space to process my emotions again. I was able to move through this difficult time with much more ease and looking back a few months after my session massive shifts started happening in my life and I’m sure the work Fionn did with me was the major catalyst and for that, I am eternally grateful. Fionn is a deeply intuitive and grounded therapist and I think the work she does is incredible.

Power Retrieval (In-Person)

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Power retrieval with Fionn was really amazing! The energies are subtle, but powerful, almost a month ago and I still feel the effects and I would recommend it to anyone! 🤎