Re-Ignite Your Light Retreat
The (meta)physical journey there and back invited and welcomed positive inner growth and healing. Belinda and Fionn held the space with such art, care, love and attention to detail that enabled us all to meet ourselves, the goddess and other beautiful women walking a similar path. I can't thank them enough.

Re-Ignite Your Light Retreat

What an amazing weekend away. I can not express how much I got from this retreat. I met the most fabulous woman and had a wonderful time. From stories and songs around the fire to watching sunrises and sunsets and a magnificent drumming experience at the stone circle. There was so much more but I would be taking the magic out of it if I told you. If you get the chance I urge you to book. The owl and the wolf will take you on a journey of self-discovery while holding space for you safely to explore. Looking forward to more from this duo. 🙏❤ Paula x

Re-Ignite Your Light Retreat – Arran

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I had an amazing time at the retreat, it was amazing to sit around the fire, singing songs and drumming. Plus I love cacao and connecting to the goddess and Arran was a beautiful location!