The Wild Woman Archetype – Wild and Untamed


Who is the Wild Woman and how we can embody her archetypal wisdom, even when we are past or not reached the physical aspect of her phase.

The Wild Woman is instinctual.  She is primal, passionate, sassy, magical, deeply connected to earth and intolerant to bullshit.

The Wild Woman is untamed and an awakening soul who will not rest until she uncovers the truth of who she is.  She is a healer and a medicine woman.

She senses and intuits and a spectrum of feels without censoring herself.

Women have been censored, subdued, suppressed and ultimately tamed for a millennium. 

The Wild Woman is ‘wild’ because she needs to be.  She runs headfirst into the heart of every experience, and she needs her wildness to negotiate the world she lives in.

The Wild Woman is desperate to be seen and heard… she has her own unique gifts she longs to share with you.

She is asking us to stand still, reflect, accept, and alchemise our experiences, so we can begin to heal.

How do we embody the Spirit of the Wild Woman?

The Wild Woman Archetype or spirit is the energy that women embody during the pre-menstruation part of the cycle, when your body is preparing to shed the lining of the uterus.  This is when our oestrogen dips and progesterone begins’ to rise. We feel like slowing right down. We have less energy, and you may even feel reclusive, more sensitive and critical in the days before your period.

The Wild Woman symbolises wholeness and is associated with the autumn phase of our menstrual cycle, the autumn of the year and the waning crescent moon.

The Wild Woman spirit is wild, unpredictable, emotional and powerful and as we move into our inner Autumn, it’s natural to turn within, to take stock…

Igniting Your Wild Autumn Superpower: to detect bullshit & discard what no longer serves

For those not experiencing a menstrual cycle, you can tune into the Wild Woman energy during the waning moon when the world is starting to slow down and get darker.  You can tap into her wild spirit by taking time to journal and reflect on what is not working.  This is also a good time to prepare for the next phase as we start to make space for more of what we want.

Most of us love autumn as a season, the leaves start to turn and flutter to the ground and the world turns golden.  We find ourselves wrapping up a bit more warmly and finding more time to be cosey at home.

Autumn is also a time for letting go of what no longer serves us. A time to practice getting out of the way and allowing spirit to guide us.

So why not embrace your inner wild woman during your inner autumn and let her be your guide to slowing down, snuggling up and let her show you what inner leaves need to fall away.

This is the perfect time to shine a light on what has not been working during our spring and summer phases (which can be uncomfortable to process) and course correct.

So how do we coax out our Inner Wild Woman and nurture her emergence?

The Wild Woman stands firmly, rooted in her own power, reclaiming her freedom and stripping away what no longer serves. 

We can bring our inner Wild Woman to life by...

  • Feeling all your feels, and valuing them—because each one has a lesson to teach us
  • Spend time in contemplation
  • Cut down on Stimulation and Unplug (less screen time, more stillness)
  • Explore your shadow, and bring them to the light
  • Nurture and nourish your body
  • Spending time in the wilds of nature
  • Strengthen your throat chakra

The idea is to nurture the emergence of your inner Wild Woman at the pre-menstrual stage and support the emergence of this wild archetype or during the waning Moon phases, honour and nurture your own needs.  The practice is about self-nurturing and creating the space for the wild woman to emerge and allow her healthy aspects to develop with the support of your body and emotions.   

Many women dread the pre-menstrual part of their cycle as it can be physically painful, emotional, and often amplifies our shadow aspects.

The Wild Woman in you will emerge exactly how you need her to, because she is medicine for our soul and will shine a light on what no longer serves, so we can strip it away.

The Autumn phase of our menstrual cycle is about self-reflection and letting go of what we don’t need instead of putting out energy into the world, it is a time to explore our shadow, which parts that we hide and that need our attention

By heeding the call of the Wild Woman Archetype at this stage of our menstrual cycle and not resisting her need to slow down and start going inwards, we may be able to circumvent the dark and destructive behaviours that are deemed as irrational, by allowing her to be seen and heard. 

It is when we battle against our inner Wild Woman that we cause ourselves pain. 

She wants us to feel our pain and address the root cause, because this is the only way we can heal ourselves.

Maybe it is time to stop resisting her and listen.  She is a powerful force and has much to teach us.

The Feminine archetypes are portals to accessing our inner power, their imagery awakens within us energies and inspiration, that give us insight into our strengths and our shadow.

They are medicine for our human experience that transcends the limits of time and space.

The idea is to use archetypal wisdom as tool for stepping into the energy of the empowered feminine at any time! When you are in alignment with your feminine power this is when we gain access the most sacred experience of all... being a woman and embodying our full potential.

The invitation is to get to know yourself, make friends with yourself, and most importantly learn to trust yourself! 

When we begin to align ourselves more closely with what we are called to do and be, working with our shifting cyclical energies is our superpower.

We all have our own inner goddess and working with a specific Goddess, gives our inner divine feminine extra va va voom. Take some time to explore the nurturing wisdom of the Wild Woman Goddesses below and see who comes forward to light your path ahead.

Wild Woman Goddess you can access for accessing your inner wild:

  • Artemis
  • Diana
  • Freya
  • Kali
  • Pele
  • Sekhmet
  • Oya

For me the wild woman spirit has depth, the more we nurture her wild presence, the deeper she will take you.

The Wild Woman, truly is where we start to unpick or unlearn behaviours that no longer serve our purpose, giving space for us to connect with our true essence, including connecting into our sacred sexuality.  The wild woman helps us to alchemise our rage and channel it in a productive way.  She teaches us to say no and honour our needs.

I'd love to hear who resonates with you.. leave your comments below.

Till next week, when I share with you the magic of the Crone Spirit.

May your inner goddess continue to rise within you and light your way ahead!

Fionn and Belinda work with the Goddess in all her forms as part of their own transformational work and feel called to offer Workshops and Cacao Ceremonies to support others with these powerful teaching tools, enabling us to create a more fulfilling and magical life.

The Goddess is rising within each of us.... may she light your path ahead.

Blessed Be.

Wise and Untamed

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October 2020 – Newsletter

Hello Dear Ones

Wow! Can’t believe October has rolled around so quickly and we are well on our way into the golden months.

As the temperatures start to drop and we watch the leaves flutter to the ground, we are reminded that natures cycles are mirrored in our lives. The only constant is change. Autumn focuses on the impermanence of life, emphasising the need to embrace the present and savour what we have, before it’s gone. Autumn is also a time for letting go of what no longer serves us. A time to practice getting out of the way and allowing spirit to guide us.

We have just come through the Full Moon in Aries, which brought with it a lot of fire power to help us release, raise our vibrations and get ready for the next chapter. This is the first of two October Full Moons, setting up the theme of purging and liberation this month.

As we start to retreat in doors to focus on creating a safe and snug home, inviting us to go inwards and reconnect with ourselves in our cosey havens. To focus on body and spirit. This month’s Tarot card is the Hermit and his invitation is to find your glow. See more about the Hermits invitation at the end of the Newsletter.

The next full Moon is on 31 October, heralding in Halloween / Samhuin.

Samhuin is considered to be a potent turning point in the wheel of the year, representing the cycle of life. Death and rebirth.

It is believed that the veil between the realms of the living and those who have passed on, is at its thinnest. Samhuin is a wonderful time to honour our ancestors and ask them for guidance. The Wolfs Wild Tip gives some ideas on how to connect with our Ancestors.

Samhuin is also a time to cleanse your energy with light and the feeling of love. Try a salt bath or a cleansing meditation to keep your energy clear and connected. See the Owls Witchy tip for more ideas on protection.

I found these October Goals by Butterflies and Pebbles and thought they needed to be shared:

  • Remember your dreams and don't feel bad about any digressions you have had to take.
  • Embrace yourself as you are right now and be kind to yourself
  • Slow down and remember what you love about life.
  • Make those that you love, feel your love.
  • Get lots of fresh air and take in some beautiful scenery.
  • Write something new for the end of 2020 – you still want to be surprised.

​Such a wonderful month to go inwards and see where the year has taken us and begin to write the next chapter!


Working with the Goddess is a powerful and transformative journey. Over the last two months I have been deepening my relationship with the Mother Goddess and the Maiden Goddess. During these deep dives into self and embracing their energy fully, I have remembered parts of myself I had forgotten. Amazing parts of myself that I had let go of in the constant busyness that life threw at me and the busyness believed I needed to be, to prove I am a valuable human being. At times, I still find it a challenge to keep nurturing myself and being spontaneous when I have work deadlines, but when I give myself permission to embrace her call, life gets simple.

From the Mother Goddess, I remembered my love of being creative in the kitchen and making wonderful nourishing meals and inviting people over to share my creations with.

From the Maiden Goddess, I remembered the simple joy of not feeling restricted by life’s to do list and being spontaneous. I have accepted spontaneous dinner invitations. Had wild and creative inspirations and jumped in the car to go create those inspired in images.

I have found that by taking time to nurture myself and being spontaneous, this has created more room to be productive and from more relaxed and centred state of being. I no longer feel like I am rushing for deadlines. Time seems to stand still.

By embracing these forgotten parts of myself, I have unleashed a new stream of creativity and breathed vibrancy into my life.

This month...
Belinda and I will be working with the Wild Woman. A powerful intuitive force and her invitation is for you to claim your freedom and become all you are meant to be.

I have created a Wild Woman Playlist for you to vibe out to with some wild moves.


The Owls Witchy Tip

Barn Owl

This week my attention turned to protection. Physical protection, mental protection and the virus kind of protection.

Tourmaline is one of my favourite crystals. There is a piece in my medicine bag and few about the house, ready to be picked up when necessary.
But there are times when tourmaline alone is not enough.

We all know about the white light spell, where you imagine a light coming from within you and then eventually forming a white sphere around you that no one can enter. Anyone that uses this will know how effective it is in keeping negative energy at bay.

Why not build on this with a mirror spell. If, for instance, someone is staring at you and making you feel uncomfortable just imagine a mirror between you with the reflective side facing them. This will bounce their gaze back and force them to look at themselves.

Our imagination is very powerful. So next time you feel physically threatened imagine that you are a dangerous animal, a lion or a cobra. Direct this energy at the other person and watch them turn and run.
But, off course, we are not going out much at the moment due to a certain virus.

Today I was reading a report on Vitamin D. There has been some research done on the effect of Vitamin D on COVID19. Initial findings suggest that higher Vitamin D levels allow for more effective fighting of the virus. Worth a try I reckon. There are also a lot of herbs that have virus fighting properties. 

This is my favourite lockdown tea at the moment:

Nettle, Yarrow, Hyssop, Vervain, Lemon Balm, Mullein and Liquorice.

Mix equal quantities of these herbs, place a teaspoon full in a teapot and add boiling water. Leave for about 5 minutes and enjoy.

With the darker days I am inclined to spend more time indoors. Last year I started walking in the evening so I could see the moon and stars. This year I intend doing much more of this nigh time walking.

Make sure you embrace the darkness and look after yourself.

The Wolfs Wild Tip

Wolf Howling

It’s at this time of year my thoughts turn towards celebrating my ancestors. Think Dia De Los Muertos. When we connect with our ancestors, we bring a sense of connection and belonging to our lives. We also begin to learn more about ourselves and have a greater appreciation for our families and lives (no matter the family situation). Our connection with our ancestors can bring in more self-love and greater compassion for ourselves and others.

Since I started to connect with my ancestors more deeply, I have felt a deeper connection to myself and my life purpose. I feel rooted in the deep knowing that I come from an ancestorial lineage of people from Edinburgh, a space I truly feel a deep connection to.

THE BOOK OF LIFE, is a movie I love, it encourages us to celebrate the past while looking forward to the future. Give it a watch! It is a wonderful story about following your heart.

Creating an altar is a wonderful way to open up your energy to your ancestors and begin cultivating a relationship with them. You can include pictures of your ancestors, candles, flowers or anything you know that they liked.

You can do this practice solo or in a group:
You will need a supply of small candles and heat proof container or tray of sand to put them in. Place one in the centre of the container, which will be used to light the others. You will need bread and water or wine.  A list of names of your ancestors.

Switch off all the lights and sit gently in the darkness. Allow the darkness to enfold you.

Ground yourself and ask for the presence of your ancestors to come to you. When you are ready, light the central candle saying:  Through the love of the first Mother and the first Father, I remember my ancestors.

I remember them in joy and sorrow.
I remember that this air is the air they breathed,
that this bread is the bread they ate,
that this water is the water they drank.

You can read your list of ancestors and after you recite each name, say a short prayer for their soul. “May she rest in peace,” “Peace be upon him.”

Take the bread. Hold the bread in your hands. Pray for nourishment: "We pray that we will always have the resources we need so that our body can handle the work we are called to do.”

Now, rip off a small piece and put it on a plate before the candle.

Rip off pieces for anyone who is joining you and one for yourself and eat the bread, in quiet contemplation.

Now, take the water or the wine. Pray for inspiration: “We pray for clear words, clear vision, and clear purpose.”

Pour in a glass and leave it before the candle along with the piece of bread. Serve some of the drink to anyone who has joined you, and to yourself. You can drink out of individual cups, or a shared cup, or even pass the bottle around, depending on you feel.

Relax and enjoy the gentle glow of the candle. Some people see shapes when they gaze at a candle for a long period of time. Perhaps you will see something in the flame or the melted wax, or perhaps a strange thought will occur to you unlike any you have had before.

Whatever you see or feel is appropriate.  Write it in your journal or share it with your companions.

When all is complete, give thanks, and allow the candles to burn to completion.

Recommendations of the Month

Rewilding for WomenSacred Economics:  The Gift We All Have Right Now

The Wisdom of the ShamansMarya Stark - Lineage

Grandmothers Counsel the World, Carol Schafer

Spotify Playlists
Marya Stark - Lineage

Whats New?

Cacao Ceremony - Be Wild Be Free

Join us for a Cacao Ceremony, where we will be connecting with our inner Wild Woman to set our wild hearts free.  Details tbc.

Samhuin Spell to Free Yourself

On the waning moon, after Samhuin join us in a collective spell to free ourselves and the world of the stress and anxiety that this year has brought. Details tbc.

Oracle Card of the Month

The Hermit - 78 Tarot Mythical

The Hermit reminds us to pull back from time to time to review what is our personal truths. Here the Hermit is represented as Vampire, solitary in nature, guiding his own way through the dark. The further he pushes into that darkness, the more important that personal light will become. FIND YOUR GLOW!

Take some time this month to remove yourself from society and search within yourself for the answers. You will be surprised what you find.

Happy Autumn & Blessed Be


Let magick be present among us now,

Repairing our hearts,

Renewing our souls,

I recall dear memories,

Bring love back

Bring love back

Bring love back

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