21 Day Cacao Challenge – A New Vision (Day 17)


Today we were invited to create a vision board and start focusing our attention on what we want to manifest after the 21-day challenge.

The idea is to keep what we want to manifest clear and simple. The intention is not to just focus on tangible, physical things, but our internal wealth as well.

What we focus on expands, so setting an intention activates receptivity.

So what is a vision board anyway and why make one…

A vision board is a creative process, using visual imagery, that clearly defines our intentions for what we want to create in our life, so we can grow and transform.

Visualisation is one of the most powerful mind exercises we can do, because we are emitting a powerful frequency out into the universe. 

By creating a sacred space that displays what we want to manifest, not only does it bring this to life visually, but we are giving a clear message to the universe.

There are timelines on a vision board, so we do need to be patient and trust.  When we are vibrating in alignment with our intentions… our manifesting abilities are on hyperdrive!

The idea is to create a ritual and spend some quiet time tuning into cacao and listening to our intuition and getting clear on what we want to create.

Then get creative and allow the spirit of Cacao to lead the way, giving space for random desires that pop up.  Then all we need to do is find an image that resonates with the idea and paste it to our vision boards.

Hold the Vision Trust the Process!

What is needed to create a vision board…

  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Catalogues
  • Postcards

You are looking for words, images, or colours that resonate with you.

  • Cardboard (A3 or 11x17, but really the bigger the better!)
  • Scissors
  • Glue

If you fancy getting very creative, here are some other ideas:

  • Stickers
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Fabric
  • Markers, crayons, pastels
  • fabric or ribbons
  • maybe stickers, gems, or sequins!

The idea is not to create a vision board and put it under the bed.  No, it’s what you want to create, so it deserves a special place, where you can see it on a daily basis.  Place it where it is visible, in your office, studio or even next to your bed.  How about making it your screen saver!


Daily Intention:

To have fun!

What am I Grateful for today?

Lunch times!  I was able to spend time making my vision board!

One thing today that made me feel ‘I Love my life’:

Today, it feels like everything I have been working towards is coming together.

How did I follow my intuition today (with what results?)

I am learning to listen to what my body when it comes to food, which is helping with energy and clarity of mind.

What Physical Changes are taking place?

Each day I feel more expansive, and my stamina is returning.

Daily check in questions:

What difference did this Challenge Make to my day?

Life feels so much easier, when we allow ourselves to flow and not get caught up when things don’t go our way – this too shall pass.

How is this challenge helping me achieve my goals?

I keep doing the work, even though I don’t necessarily see the immediate results, I don’t give up, know that my vibrations are rippling out into the universe and my hard work will pay off.

How is this challenge impacting my relationships with nature, myself, and other relationships?

I feel myself daily slowing down and often taking my time to respond, ensure that my response is from my heart.

You are the Author of your own life.

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