The Mother Archetype – Sacred Caretaker

Who is the Mother and how can you embody her archetypal wisdom, even when you are past the physical aspect of her phase....?

The mother simply glows.  She is sensual, abundant, and bursting with fertility. 

She is deeply connected to the earth, and all of life.

She represents creativity, birth and the cycle of growth.  When we allow the Mother Goddess to emerge, we feel inspired to spend time nurturing our body, mind, and spirit as a priority.  When we take care of ourselves, this is a micro-expression of caring for Mother Earth.  It is only when we nurture ourselves that we can truly begin to make positive and far-reaching changes.

When we tap into her cosmic personality, we see that her strength lies in her nurturing presence and not control.  She encompasses inner strength, wisdom, artfulness, and sacred caretaking.  She allows what she has created to bloom in its own divine time.  This is what creation is really about; co-creating something with the divine, that is one day able to sustain itself without our presence.

How do we embody the Mother Archetype?

The Mother archetype is the energy that women embody during the ovulatory Phase of the menstrual cycle - this is where we find a glowier version of ourselves and we feel like Superwoman and can handle multiple aspects of life at one time. 

The Mother symbolises abundance and is associated with the summer phase of our menstrual cycle, the Summertime of the year and the Full Moon 

This is when we say YES to just about everything!  We have heaps of energy, we feel like socialising and multitasking. 

As we move into our inner Summer phase, we are ready to shine shine shine!  A time when you are looking and feeling your best, so why no flaunt it!

Your shiny Summer Superpower: to enjoy the ride and look your best while doing it!

The idea is to use archetypal wisdom as tool for stepping into the energy of the empowered feminine at any time! When you are in alignment with your feminine power this is when we gain access the most sacred experience of a

The Mother stands firmly, rooted in her own power to sustain what she has created allowing it bloom in its own right.  We can bring our inner Mother to life by...

  • Making more time for ourselves and our desires
  • Spending more time in nature and replenish our energies
  • Exploring our creativity
  • Deciding what we need to prioritise in our life, and simplify things
  • Clear out any distractions, so we create space for more of what we really want
  • Chart your menstrual cycle (so you can feel more in tune with Mother Earth)
  • Weave more ritual practice into our life by celebrating the new and full moon, the sabbaths.
  • Involve yourself in community activities.

The idea is to nurture the emergence of your inner Mother at the ovulation stage and allow her healthy aspects to develop with the support of your body and emotions.   When we harness and maximise the mothers’ positive aspects, the easier it becomes to embody her archetypal energy during this part of our cycle and the simpler it becomes to propel ourselves forward in life.

At another stage in our cycle, this same outward high vibing, nurturing energy would feel like a huge effort, because your whole being (including the natural cycles of nature) will be urging you to slow down.

The Feminine archetypes are portals to accessing our inner power, their imagery awakens within us energies and inspiration, that give us insight into our strengths and weaknesses. They are medicine for our human experience that transcends the limits of time and space.

The idea is to use archetypal wisdom as tool for stepping into the energy of the empowered feminine at any time! When you are in alignment with your feminine power this is when we gain access the most sacred experience of all... being a woman and embodying our full potential.

The invitation is to get to know yourself, make friends with yourself, and most importantly learn to trust yourself! 

We all have our own inner goddess and working with a specific Goddess, gives our inner divine feminine extra va va voom. Take some time to explore the nurturing wisdom of the Mother Goddesses below and see who comes forward to light your path ahead.

Mother Goddesses you can access for nurturing wisdom:

  • Gaia
  • Lakshmi
  • Demeter
  • Parvati
  • Hera
  • Yemaya
  • Isis
  • Mother Mary

The Mother is considered by many Wiccans to be the most powerful of the Triple Goddess.

For me the mother goddess is possibly the most dynamic of all the archetypes - she is the cornerstone to the past, present and the future.  The healing we do in the present not only releases us from any baggage our lineage carries, but our future generations as well.

I'd love to hear who resonates with you.. leave your comments below.

Till next week, when I share with you the magic of the Wild Woman.

May your inner goddess continue to rise within you and light your way ahead!

Fionn and Belinda work with the Goddess in all her forms as part of their own transformational work and feel called to offer Workshops and Cacao Ceremonies to support others with these powerful teaching tools, enabling us to create a more fulfilling and magical life.

The Goddess is rising within each of us.... may she light your path ahead.

Blessed Be.

Wise and Untamed

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