Book Review – Code Red by Lisa Lister

I wrote this book review in 2018 and today (18 August 2020) Lisa launches her updated book with added content, so it seemed appropriate update my review 😉

Code Red is about women living in alignment with the rhythms of their own menstrual cycle and cracking their own powerful personal lady code.  Uncovering their monthly superpowers will empower them to tap into their innate feminine wisdom.  It’s a modern Priestess guide for women to go within.  It’s a call to action.  It is a reminder that women are fiercely feminine.

Over the years I have heard many women state that they hate their periods and wish they didn’t have one.  Boldly stating that men have it easy.

It has always bothered me that they felt this way.  I felt like they were disconnected from the very essence of what makes them powerful and female.  I don’t necessarily enjoy my period, at times it can be painful or uncomfortable, but I always felt like it was an integral part of who I am as a woman. A time to be honoured.  My period made me unique and divine.  Learning to go with the flow is a powerful experience.

I was curious as to why some of the women I spoke to, felt this way and I started to explore this topic more deeply.  Code Red popped up, as books do when the time is right.

When I mentioned reading Code Red to some of my female friends, they were resistant and didn’t really want to talk about it.  Which again made me want to dive deeper into this topic and why women resist connecting to their feminine source.

We reside in a society of patriarchal constructs and there has been no guidance for the female menstrual experience and we have been made to feel ashamed that we bleed. Women have become disconnected from their cyclical nature and we have been ignoring our deepest needs by not rolling with our personal rhythm, the rhythms of nature and the moon.   Thus, we are more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression.  We look outside ourselves for solutions, instead of within, where the magic is, in our deep connection with our cycles.  

Women have become tamed and censored.

Reading Code Red affirmed my innate beliefs.  What had been hidden from me all these years, now came to life and a deeper understanding of what goes on in each part of my monthly cycle was uncovered.

Lisa Lister talks about how the female cycle was celebrated with a ceremony and encourages women to conduct their own ‘coming of age ceremony’ and wearing something boldly red, when bleeding to celebrate our femininity.

I wrote this book review in 2018 and have subsequently started holding sacred space for women.  In January 2020 we felt the call to deep dive our menarche stories and call out the shame women have felt, in circle.  We held a rites of passage ceremony, allowing each of us to step through a coming of age portal.  It was simple and yet beautiful.  Even I, as the space holder, felt irrevocably changed that day. 

As my own personal journey to connect to my cycle has unfolded over the last 2 years, I have gained a deeper understanding of myself.  

Lisa takes you into each phase of your cycle.  There are also various exercises to gain more wisdom on your own cycle.  There are a lot of aha moments!

This is a book of love.  Learning to love those parts of ourselves that have been suppressed and to tap into our unique feminine magic.  Lisa speaks about owning your SASSY (Spiritual Authentic, Sensual, Sensational, you)

This book is a call to action.  It’s a reminder of what is real within us.  It’s a key to unlock our freedom an reconnect with our long-lost inner power.  

Working with your menstrual cycle is an opportunity to be charmed and dangerous.

Our cycle is our power source and the key to our Freedom as women! It releases us from the bonds that society places on us.

I do love being a woman, there is something so magical and powerful and liberating when you dive deeper into the feminine.

My message to all women, let’s stop being tamed and censored, lets embrace each facet of our beautiful femininity and speak our truth.  

Let’s crack that code and begin a new era of teaching our daughters and sisters to honour their divinity.

Lisa’s husband, Rich, also gives some advice from dude-kinds perspective… so if you are a dude reading this, this is not a blog just for women 😉 this is for you too.  You’ll want to know how this all works too, there are important discoveries to be made and it might even keep you out of trouble too! So grab yourself a copy and get under the hood of what makes a woman tick!

Much love and Blessed Be


Code Red – New Edition:  The new edition has some added content, what it means when you bleed with the different phases of the moon and few other exciting editions.  Out on 18 August 2020.  Go on buy yourself a copy and start creating a bloody amazing life!

Code Red: Know Your Flow, Unlock Your Superpowers, and Create a Bloody Amazing Life. Period. Was the first book written by Lisa Lister.

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