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Hello Dear Ones

May has arrived and here in the Northern Hemisphere, we have just celebrated Beltane, a Celtic festival celebrating the midpoint of Spring!  

Beltane brings in the feeling of vitality. The days are longer and the sunshine warms us and the land. This is the season that ignites our feelings of joy, passion, spontaneity, enthusiasm and fun… and to celebrate all the pleasures of being alive.  

Take a moment to feel into this vibrant energy.  Breath it in and ask yourself what is currently lighting your spirit up?  What is bringing you joy in this very moment? 


I don’t know about you, but I am still working from home. Still trying to keep Henri, the dog, quiet while I am in an important meeting. Still having days on end where I only leave the house to take Henri for a walk.  

In the last few days, it has been the full moon in Scorpio, Pluto Retrograde has started and we are heading towards the end of our Goddess workshops which means shadow work.  

I know summer is here, but it does feel like shadow work is calling me. I feel a heaviness in my heart and a real need to move on. I am feeling the Crone energy coming through strongly.  

Last month I mentioned to you that I have started felting again as a meditative process, but of course, it is also tapping into my creativity. Beltane is a time of fertility, creativity and just having fun. You will be reading this after the 1st of May has been, but the Beltane energy remains with us for some time after the date has passed. Use this time to have fun, be creative (even if you think you are not a creative person) and start thinking about what you would like to manifest in this season of sunshine.



As I write it is pouring with rain... no warm spring vibes today, but listening to the rain has brought a sense of calm and serenity to what has felt like a non-stop weekend of doing!  

April brought in some fast-paced vibrant energy, which is overflowing into May in chariot loads, and what lies ahead feels like an endless list of to-dos, as the seeds I planted earlier this year start to emerge.  

Learning to surrender to what is and to take time to slow down to enjoy the moment or even indulging in an afternoon nap is key to getting things done.  Powering through is not always beneficial to getting things done and honouring our personal flow can help increase our productivity.  We are human beings... not human doings!  

Now that May has firmly kicked off and we are free to roam the countryside (here in the UK) and get back to... what was it we did before lock-down again? 😉 It's such a good feeling to be able to hit the road and explore.   

I am working on a project with a fellow witchy sister, to bring to life the stories of those who were put to death under the Witchcraft Act in the 16th and 17th century, in a series of images.  Our adventures will take us all over Scotland, as we visit the sights of where the trials took place to uncover and feel into the stories that need to be told.  Our intention and deepest desire is to recode the word witch, honour those who were tragically put to death and bring healing to the collective witch wound.  

May is turning out to be a very exciting month indeed, as this month I also embark on Reiki Teacher Training and I am looking forward to working with a wonderful teacher who will bring so much expansion to my already eclectic training.  I look forward to this expansive journey and expanding my offering to bringing you reiki training in the near future.  

Finally, there is the launch of our exciting new offering below...!   Wishing you the joyous vibes of the season!

Sending you all so much love


Exciting News

When we started The Owl and The Wolf, our ideas were endless (and there are new ones popping up all the time).  We are now excited to announce the launch of our new offering!  

Witchy Spell Boxes We have just celebrated Beltane, which means Litha is next. Litha is the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. The sun is at its highest point and although it is the longest day, from there onwards, the days get shorter; however, the best of summer is still ahead of us. It is a time of bounty, a time to rejoice.

We have created the first of our Mystery Witchy Spell Boxes, that will not only delight your Inner Witch but help you celebrate this Sabbath through spell work and divination.   Fionn and I are really excited about this, as we love putting your boxes together for the workshops we do.  There will be a limited number of mystery boxes as we want to make sure that it is of high quality and something you will love too!

As always details will be available on our website, but subscribers will have early bird access.  

Litha Spell Box The Litha Spell Box will contain everything you need to celebrate Litha, in the most witchiest and magical way!   If your Inner Witch is giving you a hell yeah, I want in on this... click here  

Introductory Exchange:  £15 plus P&P £2  (only available in the UK)   There are only 10 boxes available for Litha and they will go live on our social media account on 21 May, so make sure you get yours before they magically disappear!   

As a subscriber to The Owl and The Wolf, you will be the first to know about the release of events and any other magical offerings.

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The Owls Witchy Tip

A simple creative activity is to take stones or shells or flowers or even just dropped pine cones and then using these to make a spiral. This process connects you to nature, releases those creative juices and hopefully inspires you to try something else.

The Wolfs Wild Tip

It is said that Beltane is much like Samhain and the portal to other realms are at their thinnest and in particular to the realm of the nature spirits  (spirits of flowers and trees, of waterfalls and woods. This includes the realm of the fairies, dryads, elves) Which makes May a great time to connect with the nature spirits.   

Go for a walk in a park or wooded area and imagine all the trees, plants and animals are inhabited with spirits, kind and natural. Connect into their presence. Feel what it might like to be them. Like the old majestic, patient and wise tree. Or the flighty, almost nervous, small bird.

Recommendations of the Month


Healing Threads, by Mary Beith (If you are interested in traditional medicine)

Existential Kink, by Carolyn Elliot PhD

Whats New?

Cacao Ceremony - Reclaim your Magic (Sunday, 23 May 2021) Join Belinda and Fionn for a Cacao Ceremony, on Sunday, 23 May 2021 at 19:00 where we will be connecting to the powerful transformational magic of the unicorns, to reawaken your sense of playfulness and see your world with a renewed sense of awe and wonder. RSVP here.

Reiki Treatments (Appointments Available on Saturday, 22 May 2021) A Reiki Treatment is a wonderfully relaxing experience. It can help kick start your journey to connecting to your heart space and help you make the right decisions for you.  Reiki can also help with pain relief, anxiety, fatigue as well as improve your mood and enhance your overall well-being.  If you are interested in booking a session, see more details here.

Shamanic Power Retrieval A Shamanic Power Retrieval is a healing technique used for reclaiming your lost personal power. We have all experienced the loss of our personal power at some point in our lives. Through a Shamanic Power Retrieval, the idea is to retrieve your lost power and return it to you.  Fionn is preparing to take in-person bookings at Santosa, from 26 April 2021 onwards, if you are interested in booking a session, see more details here.

Intuitive Oracle / Tarot Card Readings Fionn offers intuitive Tarot and Oracle Card Readings delivered straight to your inbox so you can read them again when you need to.  Prior to consulting the cards to answer any questions you have, I go on a short Shamanic Journey to gain insight into your question and then I connect to the cards for more intuitive guidance.  More details here.

Goddess Archetype Workshop (Begins, Sunday, 3 October 2021)
We are opening registration for our next 6-Part Workshop, beginning 3 October 2021.  In these workshops, we will explore aspects of the Triple Goddess and deep-diving into each of the archetypes: The Maiden, The Mother, The Wildwoman and The Crone. We will also explore the shadow aspect of each of these archetypes. This workshop will enable you to develop the goddess within you and expand your sense of self.  The workshop will be hosted online via zoom.  If you feel a YES to join us..... More details here.

Oracle Card of the Month

Ten of Chalices – Prisma Vision Deck Today is Beltane and I pulled this wonderful card for you. The 10 of Chalices reminds us to enjoy the love in our life. This is a sign that difficult times are coming to an end and everything will be ok.   Use this Beltane energy to spend time with those that you love, enjoy the simple things in life and rejoice at being alive in this time.  

Wishing you a vibrant month filled with laughter and unexpected blessings!

Blessed Be


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