21 Day Cacao Challenge – Listening to your Intuition (Day 5)


What is intuition? 

Intuition is a profound sense of knowing.  You know something but not sure why.

It’s a gut feeling or a hunch.  It’s an innate knowing without any analytic reasoning.

How do we tap into our intuitive superpowers?

  • By tuning into our bodies. Shhh. Listen.
  • Trust your gut feeling and follow it.

I was listening to a Podcast by Cassandra Wilder this morning, Cultivating Intuition and she talks about intuition magnetising us to the things we love to do.  Each and everyone of us has as powerful sense of intuition, but that this is ground out of us at an early age.  As we get older, we get stuck in analysis paralysis and for some reason we seem to trust our logic over our powerful inner compass.

It is important to find time to be silent and still, so that we can hear soft whisper of our soul, come through loud and clear.  Finding time for solitude turns down the clamour of the outside world, affording you time to tune into our intuition.  When sitting in stillness let your mind wander and be open to what comes to you – feelings, thoughts or words.

Stay in your head, you're dead.

Tony Robins

When we start to cultivate our intuition, our personal inner power starts to blossom, we begin to feel more confidence, a sense of joy and connection and most importantly we start to live our life from an authentic heart centred space of curiosity and adventure!

Be clear, that you are ready to trust your intuition and then follow the breadcrumbs.  The invitation is to stop questioning, it doesn’t have to make sense, just follow.

Our intuition is like a muscle, the more we exercise it, the stronger it becomes.

Working with the spirit of Cacao involves deep listening and the challenge for the rest of the 21 days is for me to practice deep listening and most importantly trust my own powerful inner compass, my intuition.

My intention for today:

To infuse joy and magic into my day.

On my early morning walk, I found a baby Jackdaw half asleep, not even aware of my presence and had a wee chat with the sleepy baby, until his mommy and daddy arrived in a flutter of warning squawks.  As I continued my walk, I came across a pair of ravens having a domestic and I chuckled to myself, thinking they are just like us humans.  Later I found a Mallard Duck, minding his own business and gently muttering quacks under his breath, maybe had also had a domestic with the Missus.

The silence of the early morning, the hush before everyone wakes up – yes, I was up and out walking at 5:30, brought me to a deep sense of connection to myself and all the characters I meet on my morning walk.  I felt the joy and magic infusing into my very being.

I definitely feel more grounded on this heart opening journey.  I have not had coffee for 5 days and oddly have not missed it.  I feel that this journey will bring me back to the simple appreciation of coffee and not use it as my morning crutch.  I am starting to feel more patience, connection and aliveness.  My passion for what I love is growing stronger and my intuitive pull to be of service and support people on their spiritual journey is growing stronger each day.

Oracle card:  Thriving from the Sacred Destiny Deck by Denise Linn.  It is time to step into the primordial, powerful, wild part of myself

Daily check in questions:

What difference did this Challenge Make to my day?

The challenge is helping me to check in with myself during the day to see if I am still manifesting my intention.

How is this challenge helping me achieve my goals?

By slowing down and not worrying about things that are not I my control or so far in the distance and focussing on the now, I am starting to become more present to the now.

How is this challenge impacting my relationships with nature, myself and other relationships?

I am finding so much joy in nature, the aliveness of the animals and birds.  I feel like I am beginning to listen more deeply to people, before I respond. 

With love

Wise and Untamed

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