21 Day Cacao Challenge – Spiritual Goodness (Day 11)


Today was a day for reflection on how I was feeling compared to when I started the challenge.

Rebekah Shaman mentioned in her email that if we are feeling a bit wobbly and emotional with lots of things coming up, then this is a GOOD SIGN that the challenge is working.

Today, I was definitely feeling wobbly.  Everything frustrated me and I felt energetically stuck.  Over the last few days, I have become more conscious of stuck emotions and old behaviour patterns.  Today, I let myself check-in fully and feel the feels.  I then began the process of going deeper and asking myself what is the root cause of these emotions.  I recognised that one of the behaviours was a repetitive behaviour, of feeling frustrated due to lack of action and movement in specific areas of my life.  This frustration stems from being restricted and controlled as a child and the current world wide pandemic situation is causing me A LOT of frustration (as I am sure it is causing many my readers!)

I have an opportunity to grow from this experience and I recognise that this situation is not within my span of influence and that this will be the case for the foreseeable future. By channelling my frustration into growth and re-routing myself down a different path for now, will stand me in good stead for the future as I use this time to sharpen and hone my skills.

It is only when we allow ourselves to truly feel, that we can let go. Releasing what no longer serves us makes space for more love and light to come in, leading to a happier and more fulfilling life.

Cacao is the perfect plant medicine to facilitate healing those wounds of the heart that we are unable to reach. 

Cacao softens us and gently opens the heart space, which is the gateway to our inner wisdom and once this portal is open, profound changes occur.  Cacao facilitates a deeper connection to ourselves and assists us in exploring what needs to be released lovingly.

Cacao is The Medicine of the Heart, it’s like a drop of pure love.  When Cacao reaches your heart, your whole body comes alive again.

My personal journey with working with this Master Plant Medicine has helped me to recognise and begin integrating my shadow aspect, enabling me to transform fear, anger and sadness into pure love.

Cacao is not only packed with nutritional goodness, but emotional and spiritual goodness too.  Cacao naturally reduces our stress and anxiety, which I have personally witnessed within myself during the course of this challenge.  This powerful plant medicine, not only grounds us, but brings us into a more relaxed and blissful state, that we can only reap the benefits from.

Cacao opens the door.  It’s up to you to walk through it.  Keith Wilson

Keith Wilson

Today’s Ritual was to bring attention into the heart space, whilst drinking our Cacao, and ask the spirit of Cacao for healing and using this opportunity to deepen our relationship with this loving plant medicine, to heal any aspect of our life that that needs to be healed.

After this mornings ritual, I was randomly searching for a podcast on Cacao and came accross The Cacao Codes, by Kyle Lazich, the Chocolate Wizard, so tuned into the wisdom he shares on his channel. Another great font of all things chocolatey is Keith Cacao aka the Chcolate Shaman. Do check them out!


Daily Intention:

To see everything that happens to today, without judgment and feel the love and gratitude.

What am I Grateful for today?

I am grateful for the sunshine and packing up a picnic to enjoy the sunshine and earth myself after a frustrating day.

One thing today that made me  feel ‘I Love my life’:

The unconditional love of my boy Mayu the Cat, who is always by side (in fact he is sitting on my lap as I type this).

How did I follow my intuition today (with what results?)

I made dinner, packed it up and went out to enjoy the sunshine to earth myself.

What Physical Changes are taking place?

I have not got on a scale for a while, but it feels like I have lost some weight.

Daily check in questions:

What difference did this Challenge Make to my day?

It allowed me move through my challenging day without judgement and consider what actions I need to take to lift my vibration.

How is this challenge helping me achieve my goals?

I feel like I am in a holding zone at the moment, however, on reflection instead of getting frustrated with the lack of movement, to use the time for individual growth and honing my skills.

How is this challenge impacting my relationships with nature, myself and other relationships?

Recognising that nature heals and when stress and frustration hits, to head out to mother earth to earth myself, which then brings balance back to me.

With love

Wise and Untamed

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21 Day Cacao Challenge – Emotional Goodness (Day 10)


The river of life doesn’t always go our way, and suddenly you hit a rapid.  Now what?

You can’t avoid the rapid and struggling will only make the situation worse.

Back in 2009 I was in Namibia; a few of us had decided to go canoeing down the Orange River… it had sounded like a nice relaxing and idyllic way to spend a long weekend. Sleeping out under the star studded sky of the Richtersveld and enjoying a bit of rugged bush living, whilst canoeing down the Orange River.

We were up early on the first morning, had breakfast and packed up anything we needed to keep dry in waterproof barrels and headed down to the embankment to find our canoes and embark on our watery adventure.

Before we left base camp, we were given safety instructions and one of these instructions, which made us chuckle, was if we happened to come out in a rapid, we were to get ourselves into Cocktail and Cigar position… as if you were chilling next to the pool with your feet up, a cocktail in one hand and a cigar in the other.  The bottom line was to surrender to the rapid.

I don’t think any of us believed we would find ourselves in this position; but what a life lesson I was paddling into.

The sun was sparkling on the river as we slowly paddled our way down the Orange River on our adventure. Day one, was serenely uneventful.

Day two dawned and we packed up and headed to our canoes with our supplies. A group that had camped further back from us were slowing making their way past us, down the river.  We had been given a heads up that we would be heading down our first rapid that morning and that we would be taking the left of where the river splits into three channels. The group that passed us should have been well down the river by the time we reached the split in the river; but we caught up with them, which created congestion… our group trying to back paddle, to stop from being sucked into the fast-moving pace of the rushing water.

My Canoe buddy and I weren’t able to successfully hold the Canoe back and we seemed to shoot forward, hitting a rock which catapulted both of us out of the canoe into the middle estuary.

I panicked and tried to grab hold of the canoe.  I realised this was a bad decision.  Light Bulb moment.  Just relax.  Feet up.  Cigar and cocktail in either hand.

I also recognised that by struggling or panicking I might break a limb; worse I might die.

Relaxing, I let the rapid to take me where it would. 

In the middle of where the three turbulent confluences met, I landed up on a rock, water rushing past me wildly.  By this stage, I was fucking scared and seriously clinging to that rock for dear life. (another life lesson here!) In reality… I would need to let go and get back into the river, if I was to reach the safety of land. 

One of the guides tried to encourage me to let go and after a few of attempts he decided his only course of action was to paddle up the rapid and rescue me.  I still to this day don’t know how he did it and how he manged to get me into his canoe… but being my hero is simply an understatement.

The moral of this story and one I revisit when I am going through a turbulent time, life is much like a river and there are times we drift along and then when we hit a rapid, you just lean back in to cocktail and cigar position and surrender… the time for calmer waters will come again and life will be sweet again, till you hear the next roar of an upcoming rapid and you just lean into surrendering.

And on this trip, the wildest rapid was yet to come! Sjambok (heavy whip) Rapid.

During wild times, feet up, cocktail in one hand and a cigar in the other. Surrender to the flow.

So, whilst there was not much I could do, but physically surrender to being washed down the Orange river in a rapid, there are tools that can help us safely navigate the rough waters of life, until we find ourselves in calmer waters again.

Cacao is a wonderful plant medicine and ally to help us through challenging times, not only because it is filled with nutritional goodness, but because it has mood enhancing compounds that can boost our emotional well-being.

Cacao contains two mood enhancing compounds Anandamide and Tryptophan that can help uplift you when you are feeling blue.  Both are natural antidepressants, and the bliss molecule Anandamide is responsible for producing feelings of happiness.

Cacao is also bursting with essential flavonoids, amino acids and over 700 antioxidants that have shown to ease depression and create feelings of wellbeing and happiness.  It has also shown to improve heart and brain health, blood sugar and weight control.

Healing comes from taking responsibility: to realize that it is you - and no one else - that creates your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions.

Peter Shepherd

Mood Diary
Today’s ritual is to start a mood diary.  The aim of this is to become aware of when our stress and anxiety is triggered and to record our emotional and mental well-being daily.

During the day we experience a lot of thoughts and feelings and often we forget all the positive emotions we felt throughout the day.  Keeping a mood diary helps us to us to understand ourselves better.  When we tune into ourselves, we can become more aware of our state of mind.

Daily Intention:

To honour where I am at.

What am I Grateful for today?

For stillness and making the time to connect with myself.

One thing today that made me feel ‘I Love my life’:

Laughter.  My team meeting this morning was filled with happy banter.

How did I follow my intuition today (with what results?)

I let my happy morning vibes carry me through the day and on my evening walk I discovered a community garden I didn’t know existed and I spent time connecting with the bees.

What Physical Changes are taking place?

I have noticed that my eyes are a lot brighter, and I am feeling more energised.

Mood Diary: 

I felt quite cheeky and full of life this morning and then I felt lazy and snoozy towards the end of the day.

Daily check in questions:

What difference did this Challenge Make to my day?

By making time for sacred time, I am finding that I much happier and my cheeky side is starting to blossom.

How is this challenge helping me achieve my goals?

By becoming more playful, I am becoming more creative and relaxed.

How is this challenge impacting my relationships with nature, myself and other relationships?

By connecting into my true nature, I am finding more joy in my day-to-day activities and I am connecting in more with what my passions are.

With love

Wise and Untamed

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21 Day Cacao Challenge – Nutritional Goodness (Day 9)


Cacao is known as the food the gods!  So, what is all the hype?

This divine elixir is not only legendary, but it’s also one of the healthiest foods in the world.  Cacao is native to the rainforests of Central and South America and the ancient tribes of Mesoamerica believed in the healing and medicinal properties of this plant.  They used Cacao as an energy booster and to treat a wide range of ailments, including soothing an upset stomach and to heal wounds faster.

Cacao is very different from the chocolate we know it today.  The Mayan word xocolatl which means ‘bitter water’, is where the word chocolate comes from.  Back then, xocolatl was consumed as a bitter beverage of roasted and ground cocoa beans, mixed with water and spices, rather than the sweet treat we know today. 

This drink is the healthiest thing, and the greatest sustenance of anything you could drink in the world, because he who drinks a cup of this liquid, no matter how far he walks, can go a whole day without eating anything else.

the Anonymous Conquerer

Cacao is a fruit which grows on Theobroma Cacao tree.  The fruits are called Cacao pods, which contains the cacao bean, that are the basis of chocolate. Cacao is packed full of nutritional goodness that naturally boosts the immune system and gives an energetic lift to help us get through the day.  Here are some of the vitamins, minerals, important antioxidants and amino acids that are jam packed into Cacao.

Iron: Energises the body, boosts the immune system and helps with concentration.

Theobromine:  Energises the body, enhances mood and lowers blood pressure at the same time.

Magnesium:  Cacao has a high source of magnesium, which keeps the heart and brain healthy and gives you clarity and focus.

Zinc: Promotes a healthy nervous and immune system.

Phosphorus:  This mineral is perfect for healthy bones and teeth.

Antioxidants: Cacao ranks pretty high on the list of all foods in terms of antioxidant content. Antioxidants are vital for improving our overall general health as they improve blood flow and protect us from ageing as well as improving cognition and mental health.

And then there are the reason why we love chocolate!

Phenylethylamine:  The love chemical, found naturally in the body, which gives you the happy-excited feeling like you are falling in love.

Anandamide:  The bliss molecule that is responsible for producing feelings of happiness and it also works as a natural antidepressant.

Cacao is also said to aid weight loss as it helps to maintain and regulate glucose and sugar productions as well as improves digestion and makes the skin glow!

What’s not to love about this divine elixir of the gods?

Today's ritual and over the coming week, is to start to notice any physical changes. 

We are what we eat and the nutritional properties of Cacao really do makes us feel better and happier, I have already started to notice the tangible differences that drinking Cacao every day has made.

What Physical Changes are taking place?

Before today’s ritual suggestion, I had already started to notice that my skin was clearer and softer.  I have also noticed that I am more satisfied after eating and there is less of my foraging for snacks!

Daily Intention:

Today was the one year anniversary of my Dad passing into the Spirit world, and I wanted to spend time in gratitude and contemplation in nature and to celebrate life.

What am I Grateful for today?

Grateful for the guiding presence of my ancestors.

One thing today that made me feel ‘I Love my life’:

II am alive and I am carrying the baton forward for my ancestors.

How did I follow my intuition today (with what results?)

I decided to go exploring, into a newly discovered wooded area in Gorebridge.  I wanted some quiet and connection time with Mother Earth and the results brought me into a deeper sense of connection and stillness within myself.

Daily check in questions:

What difference did this Challenge Make to my day?

Making time to connect in with the spirit of Cacao and Mother nature in honour of my ancestors was a very expansive experience, as it got me thinking more deeply about my own existence and purpose.

How is this challenge helping me achieve my goals?

Each day I can feel myself becoming more heart centred and grounded.

How is this challenge impacting my relationships with nature, myself and other relationships?

I am becoming clearer each day on what lights me up and taking deliberate steps to do more of what brings me joy!

With love

Wise and Untamed

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21 Day Cacao Challenge – Welcome to Week 2 (Day 8)


During week one, I created a sacred pause in my day to sit in ritual each morning, to be present with myself and to attune myself more deeply with the spirit of Cacao.

As a Cacao Practitioner, I have been working with this loving plant medicine for more than 2 years and this is the first challenge I have done.  I can honestly say, hand on my heart, that this challenge has been expansive, I am feeling more grounded, more connected to myself and my intuition.  I am looking forward to what week 2 will bring. 

As my relationship grows with the spirit of Cacao, I can feel her tenderly helping me see old conditioning and patterns that need to be released and opening my heart to guide me through the process.  Her presence supporting me as I lean into the uncomfortableness of change.

The smallest changes made over time can result in profound life altering change.

When we trust the unfolding of our path, even when we don’t know how to proceed, our deeper knowing helps us to surrender and we can step forward and welcome in a new beginning.

As an active participant in co-creating with life, I welcome in whatever changes I am guided to make over the course of the next 2 weeks; however, it is also important to take the time to find experiences that lights us up throughout the day, so we can begin to shine from the insideout.

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.

Robert Brault

It’s the little things in life that make the biggest impact.  Receiving unexpected, beautiful flowers can change the course of your day.  Here are a few things that can make a difference in your day:

  • Breakfast in bed.
  • A smile from a stranger
  • Your music
  • An opportunity to be creative
  • The moment after the rain stops
  • A new recipe that comes out perfectly.
  • The feeling of sand between your toes.
  • A small gesture of support.

Today, I decided to find a space in nature to enjoy my Cacao.  The sun was shining, and it was truly beautiful day here in Scotland. 

I got in the car and pointed it in a direction and drove, whilst I was enroute to wherever, I remembered a tiny little Community Orchard I used to visit, when I lived in Portobello.  The Orchard feels a bit like a secret off the map location, a place that you would only know existed if you were a local. 

And that’s where I landed up, the perfect secret place to drink my Cacao and get bare foot and dance in the dirt.

I drank my cacao, sitting amongst the butter cups, with the soul soothing sound of a trickling stream and bees buzzing. I felt so at peace and blissed out.  This is what I needed today.

Today’s ritual was to put on our favourite music and dance barefoot on the earth and that’s exactly what I did.  Took my shoes off and danced around feeling the soft grass under my bare feet, to the natures sweet music.

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love to dance and to move.  Movement can help shift emotions we need to release, leaving us feeling re-energised and refreshed.  When we dance with mother earth beneath our bare feet, we can feel her support and love and we can release whatever we need to, directly into mother earth through our feet, for transmuation.

Dance is the purest expression of every emotion, earthly and spiritual.

Anna Pavlova

Daily Intention:

To move through my day with ease and grace as if I was dancing.

What am I Grateful for today?

I am grateful for sunshine and beautiful skies being able to be in this tiny little community orchard by myself near a ommunity orchard by myself near a trickling stream, listening to the birds twittering, the bees buzzing and the sound of the wind rustling through the trees.

One thing today that made me feel ‘I Love my life’:

I loved being able to sit, with my barefeet on the ground, in a magical space with no one else but me and the birds and loving this open-heart space amongst the wildness of the orchard and the buttercups.

How did I follow my intuition today (with what results?)

I followed my inner compass, to a beautiful Community Orchard in Portobello, which was the perfect place for me to rediscover and bring magic to my day.

Daily check in questions:

What difference did this Challenge Make to my day?

I remembered a beautiful space that used to bring joy to my heart and returned there to be re-enamoured.

How is this challenge helping me achieve my goals?

The slowing down is connecting my to my playful and creative side, which is helping me to think more creatively about how to achieve my goals.

How is this challenge impacting my relationships with nature, myself and other relationships?

I am remembering who I am and recognising where I need to nurture myself more.

With love

Wise and Untamed

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21 Day Cacao Challenge – Attitude of Gratitude (Day 6)

Text to Speech

Today is the Gemini New Moon, Solar Eclipse aka Ring of fire.  New Moons are a potent time for exploring gratitude and life’s rhythms, as well as planting new seeds of intent for the future.

What is the attitude of Gratitude?

An attitude of gratitude is a conscious habit of expressing appreciation for every part of our life.  It means that we live life from a place of abundance, even on the days that feels like nothing is going right.

When we actively bring more gratitude into our daily lives, the positive affect can decrease anxiety and burnout and increases levels of optimism and promotes better sleep!

Below are some simple ways to bring more abundance into you life:

  • Keep a gratitude diary
  • Express your gratitude
  • Celebrate the small things
  • Meditate on Gratitude

Inviting the ritual of gratitude into our lives, gives us access to the sacredness that surrounds us, giving us access to a larger perspective of the rhythms of life.

Gratitude turns what we have into enough.


I opened my jar of gratitude letters, letters that I had left each day for a year, and read these beautiful reminders, that whilst 2020 was a year most of us want to forget, there was still so much to be grateful for amidst the pandemic.

Today’s Intention:

To feel grateful for the natural rhythms of life.

Today, I am feeling so grounded, centred and peaceful.  As I stepped into the kitchen, I popped on some music, Higher Love, and lit some Rain Forest Incense (one of my favs!) and decided to fire up my Cacao with a pinch of Cayenne and for some extra yumminess, Cinnamon and Vanilla. 

It’s from here I took the next step with a deeper conscious intention to bring gratitude into my day.

I did a short meditation to allow the spirit of Cacao to open my heart.  Imagining her beautiful loving energy surrounding me and opening up my heart.

That cayenne in the Cacao hit the spot on my first sip, as I felt its fiery infusion mingling with the loving energy of the spirit of Cacao flowing through me as I sat in blissful silence.

My practice today, was to list people I am grateful for, then spend some time feeling the love and gratitude for each of them and then sending them love from my heart to theirs.

This morning’s reading, lead me here: 

The Only Gemini New Moon Of The Year Is Here and there was a great challenge to go on a two-week tech diet, where we take time to connect with another human being, each day… gadgetless.  We don’t need to answer every call or text immediately.  I tend to make time to respond to people, when I am fully engaged in my response. Why don't you try it and see how this sets up your day / week / minth /year?

Daily check in questions:

What difference did this Challenge Make to my day?

I loved writing down who I am grateful to have in my life.  Sometimes we take these special extended family members of ours for granted, so it was nice to feel the love I have for them and send out love to them.

How is this challenge helping me achieve my goals?

I feel more focussed and energised, as I give myself this sacred time to just be and connect with myself.

How is this challenge impacting my relationships with nature, myself and other relationships?

I am starting feel myself dropping from my head into my heart more often at work.

With love

Wise and Untamed

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December 2020 – Newsletter


Hello Dear Ones

It’s almost winter! *queue squeals of delight*  I'm thinking about mulled wine, cosey nights in and hopefully a snowball fight or two!  

Here in the North, winter brings with it a time of pristine beauty and opportunities for playfulness. It also brings darkness and changes to the rhythm of our lives and we begin to spend more time indoors savouring the warmth of our homes. It’s a time to enjoy the opportunity to slow down and have some quiet time.  

The energy of winter is that of going within… and it’s from this place of inner stillness that our soul’s yearnings and new inspirations can emerge.  

In winter everything lies dormant in the silent earth, it is a sacred time of rest and reflection before the awakening and the slow build to brighter and longer days.  

Remember, while you are slowing down and staying cosey, to make time for playfulness… playfulness brings relief from our constant daily grind as well as bringing inspiration.  

For today, let yourself rest in the peace of darkness…  

Since Winter is a time of rest and rejuvination, both Belinda and I will be taking time over December and January to enjoy the season and ready ourselves for all that 2021 has to bring.  So this will be our final Newsletter till February next year.


Can you believe that it is December already. The nights are long now, but the last few days have mostly been wonderful and sunny.  

I had 2 weeks holiday in November, just stayed at home and pottered around. I spent a little time working with the goddess ISIS. Read as much as I could find about her, trying to find that connection with her and why she appears for me.  

I discovered that “Isis provided medicines of healing and magical incantations, invented the loom, encouraged music and dance and dispensed the justice of the heart”.  

That made my connection with her much clearer. I like to make stuff, whether that is through sewing, crochet, felting or making creams and balms. She appears to me when I take part in any movement practice. My first experience with Isis was as a big, black fairy. And that is the way she still appears to me.  

During my holiday I decided to create her through needle felting. It was an interesting process where I spent time thinking about the lessons she can teach me while I tried to bring her to life in the natural fibres I was using. What was also interesting was that the image that came to life was not one of a slick Egyptian Goddess, but one of an older goddess that still has those same powers.  

My journey with this Goddess continues. And perhaps I will be ready in a newsletter in the new year to share the lessons she has taught me.  

This month my attention turns to star gazing. The Great Conjunction is due on the 21st of December and I am going to spend some time this month watching Jupiter and Saturn as they move closer together until they join in the conjunction. I am not an expert in astrology, so not going to share the meaning of this with you, but I suggest that you research this a little. It is interesting and the result is a great opportunity for change this month.



December! The time of year when I enjoy soaking up the festive vibes. Chilly nights out and indulging in my favourite winter tipple, mulled wine. It’s also my favourite time of year to slow down, enjoy cosier nights in watching movies and making nourishing winter meals.  

In November, I took some time out to work more deeply with Sekhmet, the Egyptian Lioness goddess. Sekhmet is a Wild Woman, a Warrior Goddess, a fierce protector of truth, balance, and cosmic order. It is believed that she has been rising since the mid 1980’s and from some recent conversations, she is making her presence more widely known. With her rising, brings a new era, establishing the beginning of equality between the masculine and feminine powers in the world.  

I spent time on a 2 days silent retreat, preparing myself for an alchemical journey with Sekhmet. This begun with paying my respects to the Sphinx, who is the guardian of the mysteries. Then onto transforming fear with Sekhmet, all the while spending time in quiet contemplation tying knots into a ball of string, identifying habits or behaviours that no longer serve and working backwards in time to find patterns developing. The magical power of knotwork transforms layers of fear and old patterning; however, it is a lengthy process and one I have not yet completed. Once I have completed this, I look forward to sharing my journey of taking my knotted offering to Sekhmet.  

Working with the goddess is powerful and alchemical work. She serves as window into self. Our multifaceted experiences of life, as a woman, are influenced by goddess consciousness and we can use this energy to ignite our spiritual growth for healing, positive change, and empowerment.  

This month I am looking forward to resting deeply, finding time for play, and giving space for new and exciting ideas to emerge.  


The Owls Witchy Tip

Barn Owl

Use simple candle magic this festive season to ground yourself every day. Find a quiet space to sit, light your candle and just spend 10 minutes looking at the flame while to remind yourself that self care is important.

The Wolfs Wild Tip

Wolf Howling

Let Winter Bring Out the Playful Child in You!   Set an intention to do some playful things to celebrate the joys of winter this year. Being playful gives us an opportunity to express ourselves and enjoy the pleasure and lightness of being. Try one of these this winter…  

  • Catch a snowflake with your tongue
  • Make a snowman
  • Make snow angels
  • Take a walk and look for animal tracks
  • Sit in a sunny place outside and feel the sun on your face
  • Drink a cup of hot chocolate outside
  • Take photos of trees with bare branches
  • Go sledding down a hill

 Oh and if you do any of these… we want to see how much fun you are having! So tag us on Instagram or Facebook!

Recommendations of the Month

  • Instagram
  • Books
    • Goddesses in Everywoman by Jean Shinoda Bolen
    • The Familiars by Stacey Halls  
  • Apps
    • SkyViewLite - brings stargazing to everyone!

Whats New?

Yule Spell Work Circle - Candle Magic

Join us on Sunday, 20 December 2020 at 19:00 for a Yule spell circle where we will do some candle magic and make a Yule good luck charm for someone special. You are now too late for one of Belinda's Mystery Packages, but we still have a few smaller packages available that will contain everything you need for the spell and charm. Bookings will need to be confirmed by 11 December 2020.  Register here.

Dance with Your Shadow - Cacao Ceremony

Join Belinda and Fionn for a Cacao Ceremony, on Sunday, 17 January 2021 at 19:00 where we will be connecting with the Dark Goddess to help us bring our shadow into the light and bring healing to that which we hide away from.  RSVP here.    

Goddess Workshop 

In this 6-week Workshop, beginning on 7 March 2021 (online), we will be exploring aspects of the Triple Goddess, deep diving into each of the archetypes: The Maiden, The Mother, The Enchantress / Wildwoman and The Crone. We will also exploring the shadow aspect of each of these archetypes.  This workshop will enable you to develop the goddess within you.  We will be hosting this workshop online via zoom.  Spaces are limited.  RSVP here.

Shamanic Power Retrieval

Fionn has re-started her healing practice and facillitating Power Retrievals at Santosa in Edinburgh.  A Shamanic Power Retrieval is a healing technique used for reclaiming your lost personal power. We have all experienced the loss of our personal power at some point in our lives. Through a Shamanic Power Retrieval, the idea is to retrieve your lost power and return it to you.  If you are not in Edinburgh / Scotland a Power Retrieval can be facilitated remotely.  More details here.

Oracle Card of the Month

Hierophant - Prisma Vision Deck

Hierophant is the card for 2021. It guides us to take what we have learnt in 2020 and practice it. This is the intersection between your truth and what you are told is the right thing. This coming year spiritual experiences are important, find a trusted source and learn from them. Meet with like-minded people and practice what you believe in. But always remember to question what it is you are told and whether it fits in with your truth. For me the most important thing to learn from the Hierophant is that 2020 was a hard year, let's take what we have learnt, build on it and make use of the change that has been offered to us.
Let's come together in whatever our community is and build together.

Yule Blessings

May the solstice and the turning of the wheel bring you love, peace and good fortune in the coming year.  


Winter is


The Solstice Sun

Is Rising

The Heart of

Nature Dreaming

Poems of Earth

Now Sleeping

The Seasons are


The Journeys

Of Creation

The Seeds

Are Quickening

In Mother's

Sacred Wing

Victoria Pettella

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November 2020 – Newsletter


Hello Dear Ones

November has arrived and it’s the time of year when there seems to be the right amount of chill in the air, accompanied by the magic of falling autumn leaves.

November has a peaceful vibe, slowing us down and giving us the opportunity to reflect on how life has brought us to this point.

It’s the month of transition from autumn into winter and acts as a catalyst of setting in motion new beginnings and heralding in a new chapter. The powerful energy of the month empowers us to tap into our personal soul mission, allowing for a deeper connection to our spirituality.

Using the powerful vibration of the month can help us to reflect on our life. Remembering we have everything we need to move forward and grow at our disposal, all we have to do is look deep inside ourself. In times of transition, it is important to be present, awake and alert.


Samhain has been and now our thoughts turn to the darker months. This is normally a difficult time for people and I am sure this year will even be worse.

I have started walking in the dark, in the morning just as the sun rises and, in the evening, to watch the moon and the stars. Those little reminders of how beautiful this world of ours is.

I have been reading The Enchanted Life by Sharon Blackie. If you have not discovered her books yet, do yourself a favour and have a read, they are wonderful. In this one she is asked what gives her hope and she answer by telling a story. 

When Things Fall Apart
Long white beaches, rocky coven, stormy seas.
Where the Old Woman of the World lives.
In a cave with Trickster Crow.
She weaves.
She weaves the World.
The most beautiful weaving in the world.
Rainbow of colours, some thick and some thin,
Some soft and some shiny.
Finished off with sharp and thorny spines which can sting you if you are not careful.
After all, she is weaving the world and that is the way the world is.
The Old Woman of the World also tends a cauldron
Hanging over a big fire.
A cauldron that contains the essence of all that grows and lives in the world.
She weaves and she tends the cauldron.
But sometimes she is engrossed in the weaving and forgets to tend the cauldron.
The cauldron splutters and splatters and she rushes to stir the pot.
Trickster Crow has been watching.
Been watching all the beautiful shiny threads going back and forth.
The Old Woman and the Crow is bound together.
Like the cauldron and the tapestry.
She tends the cauldron and he unravels the tapestry thread by thread.
Picking and pecking all the while she tends the cauldron.
The Old Woman of the World returns from the cauldron.
She stands watching the mess in front of her.
A beautiful rich green thread catches her eye.
She picks up the threads and starts weaving them back into the tapestry.
The most beautiful weaving in the world.
She does not understand why, but a new pattern emerges.
A new tapestry forms.
Trickster Crow cackles and caws and flies back to his perch.
The Old Woman of the World does not question.
She continues to weave, because that is what she does,
She is a weaver.
The next time she tends the cauldron Trickster Crow is back.
Because you see Trickster Crow knows that if the weaving is ever finished, the world will come to an end.
So the Old Woman weaves and Trickster Crow disrupts.
New patterns form and the end of the world is held at bay for a little while longer.

For me this is not just a story of hope in these difficult times, but also a story of the Light and the Dark. The fact that both the Old Woman and Trickster Crow are necessary, the one will not survive without the other. Every time Trickster Crow disrupts, the Old Woman will be back, to weave another beautiful pattern. 


The Owls Witchy Tip

Barn Owl

I don't know about you but I spend a lot more time in bed this time of year. I go to bed early with a hot water bottle, a book, sometimes a cup of herbal tea and always with my sleep pillow.

My sleep pillow is a little 'envelope' I made out of an old hanky and it has a blue kyanite and clear quartz crystal in it. I then add new herbs as necessary, mostly because they have ended up all over the bed as I often sleep with it in my hand.

To make your own, you need a piece of fabric to fold in half and make into a small bag. Sew up 2 of the sides (the third will be on a fold, so no need to sew), Now fill it with crystals and herbs that will serve your purpose. Tie a little ribbon around the neck and you are ready to go.

I mainly use lavender for calmness, mugwort for enhanced dreaming and protection, kyanite to help with communication and clear quartz as a general purpose crystal.

Give it a try and have some fun.

The Wolfs Wild Tip

Wolf Howling

This has been a difficult year individually and collectively with so much constant change and uncertainty, that sometimes being grateful is hard in the current circumstances.

Having a daily gratitude practice is a wonderful way to improve our quality of life; it makes us happier. Gratitude offers us a pause, to reflect on what we have in our life right now.

Gratitude offerings is also wonderful way to honour the universal flow of life and abundance in the world, while cultivating gratitude in our lives.

A gratitude offering is any form of energy directed to someone without an agenda.

This a practice you can do monthly and offer anything you like to whomever you like, whenever you like. Give something to whoever pops into your mind first.

Ideas for a gratitude offering:
Bless a tree
Give a flower to a stranger
Burn a candle for the spirits
Send well wishes to your ancestors
Give someone healing
Babysit a friend’s kid
Help someone with a project

Be creative. Be generous. By giving you are participating in the universal flow that sustains all.

#Shaman Durek

Tag us in your Instagram stories of any gratitude offerings you make, so we can all feel inspired and get creative!

Recommendations of the Month

  • Books
  • The Enchanted Life, by Sharon Blackie
  • Isis and Osiris, by Jonathan Cott
  • The Holy Wild, by Danielle Dulsky

Whats New?

Samhain Spell Work Circle - Spell to Free Yourself

On the waning moon, after Samhuin join us in a collective spell to free ourselves and the world of the stress and anxiety that this year has brought. There is still time to join us on 8 November 2020, register here

Cacao Ceremony - Be Wise Be Free

Join us for a Cacao Ceremony, on Sunday, 29 November 2020 at 19:00 where we will be connecting with our inner Wise Woman, the Crone, to seek her wisdom as we move into winter. More details here.

Yule Spell Work Circle - Candle Magic

Join us on Sunday, 20 December 2020 at 19:00 for a Yule spell circle where we will do some candle magic and make a Yule good luck charm for someone special. If you would like one of Belinda's Mystery Packages, bookings will need to be confirmed by 20 November 2020.  Register here.

Shamanic Power Retrieval

Fionn has re-started her healing practice and facillitating Power Retrievals at Santosa in Edinburgh.  A Shamanic Power Retrieval is a healing technique used for reclaiming your lost personal power. We have all experienced the loss of our personal power at some point in our lives. Through a Shamanic Power Retrieval, the idea is to retrieve your lost power and return it to you.  If you are not in Edinburgh / Scotland a Power Retrieval can be facilitated remotely.  More details here.

Oracle Card of the Month

Patience - Sacred Destiny Oracle
The card for this month is patience, which seems pretty apt considering the current circumstances this month. It’s hard to see what lies ahead at the moment and things may not be as they seem. We are being invited to be patient and still for now. To allow things to unfold. Remember what things look like in the fog, will look another way in the light.

Blessings and Love


November comes
And November goes,
With the last red berries,
And the first white snows.

With night coming early,
And dawn coming late,
And ice in the bucket,
And frost by the gate.

The fires burn,
And the kettle sings,
And earth sinks to rest
Unitl next spring.

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