21 Day Cacao Challenge – Nutritional Goodness (Day 9)


Cacao is known as the food the gods!  So, what is all the hype?

This divine elixir is not only legendary, but it’s also one of the healthiest foods in the world.  Cacao is native to the rainforests of Central and South America and the ancient tribes of Mesoamerica believed in the healing and medicinal properties of this plant.  They used Cacao as an energy booster and to treat a wide range of ailments, including soothing an upset stomach and to heal wounds faster.

Cacao is very different from the chocolate we know it today.  The Mayan word xocolatl which means ‘bitter water’, is where the word chocolate comes from.  Back then, xocolatl was consumed as a bitter beverage of roasted and ground cocoa beans, mixed with water and spices, rather than the sweet treat we know today. 

This drink is the healthiest thing, and the greatest sustenance of anything you could drink in the world, because he who drinks a cup of this liquid, no matter how far he walks, can go a whole day without eating anything else.

the Anonymous Conquerer

Cacao is a fruit which grows on Theobroma Cacao tree.  The fruits are called Cacao pods, which contains the cacao bean, that are the basis of chocolate. Cacao is packed full of nutritional goodness that naturally boosts the immune system and gives an energetic lift to help us get through the day.  Here are some of the vitamins, minerals, important antioxidants and amino acids that are jam packed into Cacao.

Iron: Energises the body, boosts the immune system and helps with concentration.

Theobromine:  Energises the body, enhances mood and lowers blood pressure at the same time.

Magnesium:  Cacao has a high source of magnesium, which keeps the heart and brain healthy and gives you clarity and focus.

Zinc: Promotes a healthy nervous and immune system.

Phosphorus:  This mineral is perfect for healthy bones and teeth.

Antioxidants: Cacao ranks pretty high on the list of all foods in terms of antioxidant content. Antioxidants are vital for improving our overall general health as they improve blood flow and protect us from ageing as well as improving cognition and mental health.

And then there are the reason why we love chocolate!

Phenylethylamine:  The love chemical, found naturally in the body, which gives you the happy-excited feeling like you are falling in love.

Anandamide:  The bliss molecule that is responsible for producing feelings of happiness and it also works as a natural antidepressant.

Cacao is also said to aid weight loss as it helps to maintain and regulate glucose and sugar productions as well as improves digestion and makes the skin glow!

What’s not to love about this divine elixir of the gods?

Today's ritual and over the coming week, is to start to notice any physical changes. 

We are what we eat and the nutritional properties of Cacao really do makes us feel better and happier, I have already started to notice the tangible differences that drinking Cacao every day has made.

What Physical Changes are taking place?

Before today’s ritual suggestion, I had already started to notice that my skin was clearer and softer.  I have also noticed that I am more satisfied after eating and there is less of my foraging for snacks!

Daily Intention:

Today was the one year anniversary of my Dad passing into the Spirit world, and I wanted to spend time in gratitude and contemplation in nature and to celebrate life.

What am I Grateful for today?

Grateful for the guiding presence of my ancestors.

One thing today that made me feel ‘I Love my life’:

II am alive and I am carrying the baton forward for my ancestors.

How did I follow my intuition today (with what results?)

I decided to go exploring, into a newly discovered wooded area in Gorebridge.  I wanted some quiet and connection time with Mother Earth and the results brought me into a deeper sense of connection and stillness within myself.

Daily check in questions:

What difference did this Challenge Make to my day?

Making time to connect in with the spirit of Cacao and Mother nature in honour of my ancestors was a very expansive experience, as it got me thinking more deeply about my own existence and purpose.

How is this challenge helping me achieve my goals?

Each day I can feel myself becoming more heart centred and grounded.

How is this challenge impacting my relationships with nature, myself and other relationships?

I am becoming clearer each day on what lights me up and taking deliberate steps to do more of what brings me joy!

With love

Wise and Untamed

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