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Hello, Dear ones!  

It's June, a potent month that radiates with sunshine and happy hearts!  This month we have the celebration of Litha, the Summer Solstice, which sets us alight with vibrant summer energy.  The sun is shining bright, love is in the air, and the world is pregnant with pleasure and indulgence.  

Litha marks the longest day of the year, it's a celebration of light reaching its peak, which is a powerful reminder of the light within each of us and our individual and collective potential.  

Summer is also all about fire, a time to celebrate your own Inner Fire. That badass part of yourself that is tough and strong and awesome. Pause for a moment and acknowledge this fire inside yourself and tell yourself how awesome you are!


Cross the border and turn right. That was the instructions we got a few years ago when we drove from Durban to Porto in Mozambique. And they were right. There was no fixed road, just multiple sorts of roads and they all led to paradise.  

Time. Time is not linear the way we understand it. We understand time as linear to make it easier for ourselves. Einstein said time is useful as it prevents everything from happening at once. But time really moves in all directions, zigzag, spirals, curves, circles.  

And this is why divination and magic work. We have multiple paths ahead of us, divination and magic allows us to choose one of these over another and as a result, the path is different, but it still takes us to what we understand to be our future. We can use divination to choose where we want to go and magic to aid us on that journey, but in the end, it is up to us.  

If you have been in spell circle with us before you will know that I always say that there is no point in doing spells if you are not going to follow them up with action. Spells are only the support act, your action is the main event and the magic of spells only makes it easier.  

This week I realised that I don’t always follow that advice. I did a spell recently, it is sitting on my altar while it works and allows my intention to come to fruition: however, my life has not really changed. No wonder these spells only sort of work, the Universe is getting mixed messages from me and has no idea what I really want.  

So that is my intention for this month: change what I do as well.  

Hope you have a lovely June. I hope the sun shines where you are. And I hope you will join us for The Magic and The Mundane workshop announced in this newsletter.  

Have a lovely June



May felt like a bit of a whirlwind, I think I may have missed it and it's June already.

Instinctively I have been gearing myself up for June, it had been feeling like a month of change. A recalibration of my inner world, the kind of inner world change that creates a deeper, richer and more rooted version of myself.

It wasn’t until I listened to a podcast by Lindsay Mack, Tarot for the Wild Soul, that I wasn’t the only one feeling this way and that indeed the astrology is inviting us to reprioritise and recalibrate all aspects of our lives. Lindsay says in her podcast, that this is a crucially important time of revealing, excavating and unearthing so that we can all radically choose ourselves.  Link to Lindsay Macks Monthly Medicine.

This willingness to choose ourselves will have a massive effect on ourselves for years to come. We are not cookie-cutter versions of someone else…. So say yes to yourself and do you, whether people get it or not!

If there is one thing to do this month, tune into your intuition and let it take where it will… your intuition will always guide you home!

It’s definitely time for me to follow my intuition and aim my arrow in the direction of my heart’s desires!

There are no circles this month, as Belinda and I are taking the month off. I will be following my intuition, wherever it will take me and Belinda is working on our new and revamped version of the Magical Life Workshop… hope to see you there!

Sending you all so much love


The Owls Witchy Tip

The light at the moment is great in the evenings. I go out around 9 PM just to be in the garden, listen to the birds, watch the light as it starts to fade. Just to be grateful for whatever the day brought and that I can enjoy these few minutes of call and beauty.

If you have a garden or a park nearby, join me at 9 PM to enjoy life.

The Wolfs Wild Tip

Early mornings are so peaceful and this is a time we often access our wisdom and receive important downloads since we are not distracted by the commitments of the day ahead.  A wonderful time to connect with yourself and nature by notice the activity of the birds and other creatures.  

If you fancy rising and shining with me... I'll be out and about at 6 AM, soaking up the early morning vibes.

Recommendations of the Month


Anatomy of the Spirt, Carolynne Myss


Tarot for the Wild Soul
Healing and Awakening with Gaia Sophia

Whats New?

Magical Life Workshop: Magic in the Mundane Some of you may have joined us on this magical journey last year, but this is a new revamped and super witchy version!  We will kick off this workshop, by exploring the history of witchcraft and looking at the recent history, as well as the Scottish Witch Trials.  The aim of the workshop will be to explore spell crafting and how to cast a successful spell.  There will be a magical box included!  If you feel a magical life calling you... more details here.  (There are only 8 spaces left and bookings close on 5 July)  

LAST CHANCE - Litha Spell Box There are only 2 Magical Mystery Witchy Boxes.  The box will contain everything you need to celebrate the Summer Solstice in the most witchiest way and delight your Inner Witch but help you celebrate this Sabbat through spell work and divination using the energy of the South and the West.  Bookings close on 7 June 2021.  More details here.

Goddess Archetype Workshop (Begins, Sunday, 3 October 2021) We are opening registration for our next 6-Part Workshop, beginning 3 October 2021.  In these workshops, we will explore aspects of the Triple Goddess and deep-diving into each of the archetypes: The Maiden, The Mother, The Wildwoman and The Crone. We will also explore the shadow aspect of each of these archetypes. This workshop will enable you to develop the goddess within you and expand your sense of self.  The workshop will be hosted online via zoom.  If you feel a YES to join us..... More details here.

Reiki Treatments (Appointments Available on Saturday, 26 June 2021) A Reiki Treatment is a wonderfully relaxing experience. It can help kick start your journey to connecting to your heart space and help you make the right decisions for you.  Reiki can also help with pain relief, anxiety, fatigue as well as improve your mood and enhance your overall well-being.  If you are interested in booking a session, see more details here.

Shamanic Power Retrieval (Appointments by request) A Shamanic Power Retrieval is a healing technique used for reclaiming your lost personal power. We have all experienced the loss of our personal power at some point in our lives. Through a Shamanic Power Retrieval, the idea is to retrieve your lost power and return it to you.  Fionn is preparing to take in-person bookings at Santosa, from 26 April 2021 onwards, if you are interested in booking a session, see more details here.

Intuitive Oracle / Tarot Card Readings (Readings by request) Fionn offers intuitive Tarot and Oracle Card Readings delivered straight to your inbox so you can read them again when you need to.  Prior to consulting the cards to answer any questions you have, I go on a short Shamanic Journey to gain insight into your question and then I connect to the cards for more intuitive guidance.  More details here.

Oracle Card of the Month

Two of Swords – Prisma Vision Deck

The message this month is simple:  Make sure you know the facts and don't overreact. We are in Mercury Retrograde so the warning is to double-check everything before you act.  Enjoy the butterflies, don't fight them.

Wishing you a glorious sun filled month!

Blessed Be


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