The Owl and The Wolf is a loving and inspired safe space. Our aim is to assist you on your inner journey to your true self, connecting you with your creative essence.

Reiki Tune-Up Session

Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of healing, Reiki means Universal Life Force – which is the energy around us and within us. This form of energy healing is holistic and complimentary, it is useful in assisting with the release of stress and aids relaxation as well as supporting the body’s natural healing powers and maintaining a state of well being.

Reiki is a wonderfully relaxing experience. Why don't you treat yourself?

Reiki Drum

Reiki Drum is a method that fuses the high vibrational frequency of Reiki and the primordial sound of the drum.  The drum helps the client to switch off and drift into deeper relaxation, assisting in releasing any deep-seated tensions.  The drum rhythm reminding the body of its optimal vibration and Reiki assisting in recalibration and re-energising the body.

Archetypal Reiki

By working directly with a specific Chakra and associated archetype in each session, the aim is to recalibrate and rebalance your overall energy field over a period of time. This dynamic process will give you personal insights into your relationship with your chakras and archetypes, resulting in lots of AHA’s and an individual personal journey to reclaiming your unique wholeness.

This is a journey of love, that will lead you to your heart and your deepest authenticity.

Power Retrieval

A Shamanic Power Retrieval is a healing technique used for reclaiming your lost personal power. 

Loss of personal power can result in a lack of direction and purpose or a sense of belief of not belonging.

Retrieving your lost power can result in increased energy, confidence and re-establishing a healthy self-image and an understanding of your life’s purpose and direction.

Extractions & Clearings

Through the Shamanic lens, an intrusion is energy that does not belong and gets stuck in our energetic bodies.  These intrusions do not serve us and can hold us back from living our best lives.  Extractions / Clearings are performed fusing the high vibrational frequency of Reiki and Shamanic techniques.

Family Constellations

Family Constellations (also known as Systemic Constellations and Systemic Family Constellations) is a therapeutic approach which has been designed to help reveal hidden family or relationship dynamics in order to address them and heal them.

Card Readings

Card readings are a great tool to provide guidance to help you to take charge of your future.  My aim for readings is to provide support to my clients to enable them with the insight on areas to improve in their lives or areas of their life that needs nurturing.  For me, readings offer support in connecting you to your intuition to help you make positive decisions.

Sister Circles

A sacred space for women to come together, to be heard and to be seen, with the specific intention to bring more sacred and ritual practice into our life.

Cacao Ceremonies

Cacao is a Doorway to transformation, it is an energetic plant medicine that carries the frequencies of love, balance and compassion, which allows for a deep and loving connection with ourselves and others. We invite you to join us in the sacred ritual of drinking chocolate together, that will leave you loved up (with yourself), empowered and in your heart.


We run various workshops from focusing on the fundamentals on how to create magical life to deeper dives with Goddess Archetypes.

"There is a force in the universe, which, if we permit it, will flow through us and produce miraculous results."

Mahatma Gandhi

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