Magical Life Workshop (TBC 2022)

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Would you like to learn the art of basic Spellcrafting?

The theme for this Workshop is Magic and the Mundane and during the 4 weeks, we will explore spellcrafting and how to cast a successful spell.

We will start the workshop by exploring the history of witchcraft and looking at the recent history, as well as the Scottish Witch Trials.

During the workshop we will create a spell to perform together and look at how correspondences such as colour, crystals and herbs/flowers are used in creating spells, as well as explore the different types of spells you can create and the methods used. The workshop will also cover realistic spells and why they are important.

We will explore the link between magic and the mundane; and challenge each other to apply that principle.  There will also be time for you to create a spell with the help of the group to perform on your own and not forgetting the practical actions required. 

And then finally we will explore the link between witches and spells; and is that link a one-to-one link or a many to one link?

Week 1

In week one, we will discuss witchcraft and specifically the Scottish witches. Maybe we will learn how to fly up the Forth on a sieve.

We will also explore whether spellcrafting is only practised by witches?

Week 2

In week two we will cover spells and start exploring how to construct a spell.

How do we use actions, crystals, herbs, colours and scent in our spells and then use this knowledge to create a spell together. 

Week 3

In week three, we will be asking do spells have to be realistic or can I do a spell asking for £5,000,000 and expect it to work?

We will look at how spells are just part of the story and how we can construct a change in our life involving spells.

This week you will start working on your own spell.

Week 4

It is week 4 and our last week together. We will revisit the question we asked in week 1: if you use spells are you a witch?

We will finish our spells and create the bigger plan for how we are going to use our spell to change our life.


The pre-workshop is for those who would like to start at the beginning and understand the basics of creating a sacred space, such as how to set up an altar, cast a circle and call corners. 

This workshop, will run the Sunday before the Magical Life Workshop on Sunday, 11 July 2021.

Magical Life Workshop - Magic in the Mundane

Our Magical Life Journey begins on TBC 2022. Each Circle will last 1.5 hours (starting at 7 PM). The workshop will be hosted online via Zoom. The workshop will take place each Sunday for 4 weeks. Recordings will be made available for 8 weeks after the workshop, to allow you time to re-visit our sessions.

The exchange is £145 (or 1 x installment of £50 and 2 xinstallments of £47.50) for the 4 sessions and will include a magical box (a starter kit worth £40) of items posted to you and a manual to support the work we will be doing. (Please note: if you are outside the UK, we are able to post your magical box to you for an additional cost, please just let us know in the RSVP where you are and we will confirm the additional postage).

The Magical Life Workshop will be opened up for 10 Magic Makers.

Magical Life Pre-Workshop

The Magical Life Pre-Workshop is planned for TBC 2022 at 7PM via Zoom.

The exchange for this workshop is £15.00 (if purchased with the Magical Life Workshop)

If you feel a magical life calling you, please respond via the RSVP below.  If you have any questions, contact Belinda or Fionn we can discuss further with you.

"Magic is seeing the precious in the mundane, the wild in silence, the colours with no name” ~ Nausicaa Twila

Images from our 2020 Magical Life Workshop

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Cancellation Policy

We understand that unanticipated events happen occasionally in everyone’s life, but to be effective and fair to everyone, we have adopted the following policies:

  • Cancellations received for a workshop 30 days prior to the event, will receive 100% refund, thereafter, cancellations will not be refunded. (All our workshops are supported by magical boxes and alot of time, effort and love go into creating a beautiful experience for each of our participants)
  • All our events are currently online and workshops / circles/ ceremonies are recorded, you will receive a link to the recording in the event that you are unable to attend.
  • If you are unable to attend and would like to transfer your booking, please contact us directly to discuss.