Ancestral Trauma Therapy (Family Constellations)


Are you playing out patterns that don’t belong to you?

Systemic Family Constellations is a powerful method to help you recognise difficult generational entanglements and traumas within the family system. 

Out of love and loyalty, we often carry these traumas and destructive patterns of our ancestors, unconsciously.  When we are born, we not only inherit our physical attributes, but we also inherit family behaviour patterns that may have been carried down for generations and this can manifest as unresolvable personal problems and relationship issues.

In a constellation session we look at the connection between the issues you are currently experiencing, in relation to past generations.  We consider the individual as part of a greater interconnected whole and the feelings and attitudes of the individual need to be understood through the wider lens of the family system.  By doing this we not only gain deeper insight into the problems the individual experienced growing up, but also the family dynamics further back, revealing unspoken laws operating within the family system.  Suffering arises when one or more members violate these laws out of ‘blind love’, which in turn results their personal health or fulfilment issues.

The purpose of this work is to guide the family system toward wholeness, by revealing and re-aligning hidden loyalties in the family system that are often beyond the conscious awareness.

The greater soul moves in only one direction, and that is to bring into union that which has been made separate.

Bert Hellinger

How do we repair the pain of the past that is alive within?

By reconnecting to our ancestors and walking in their shoes for a bit, we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves.

We are them, and they are us.

During a session, we will energetically explore your hidden family dynamics, and bring into the light for acknowledgement, what has been excluded or hidden, so that the love can flow between each of the family members again in a new and conscious way.

When we experience a deep love towards our family, and a profound sense of acceptance for all that happened in the past, we are the able give back what we have been carrying for our ancestors, leave the past behind and become the individuals we were destined to be.

There are three guiding principles within a constellation session:

  • Everyone has the right to belong.  When a family member is excluded, this causes a disturbance in the family consciousness (The Field) and these disturbances can be carried forward to future generations and manifest in illnesses, relationship challenges and not being able to step fully into one’s life.  Patterns will be repeated until the family system is restored to wholeness.
  • Everyone has the right to hold their rightful place within the order for the family system.  This allows for the flow of love to move freely.  Any disorder in the family system can ripple out and alters the ability of a family to function as a healthy system.
  • Acknowledgment of the truth of ‘what is’ within the family system, stimulates the energetic changes required bring belonging and order.  We are then able to give back what does not belong to us and carry what is ours.

We are the legacy of our lineage, and by working with the past in the present we can bring change the future.

The truth will set us free.

Often clients experience immediate relief and clarity on the issue they have been experiencing; however, this is not a quick fix.  It can take a few months for the benefits of a Family Constellation session to unfold in your life and in the lives of your loved ones and those you are connected to (even if they have not participated in the Family Constellation session themselves).

Booking Virtual Session:

I will be facilitating Family Constellations online as 1:1 sessions (at the moment) at an introductory exchange of £60 + a testimonial, thereafter sessions will be £95. Sessions take approximately 2 hours and includes a consultation prior to the session.

Limited spaces available at the introductory exchange!

In person Groups Sessions – Coming Soon

My Purpose

I am passionate about holding space for people who are on the path to reclaim their deepest most aligned self. My purpose is to support people in finding their inner magic, and Family Constellations connects me to my passion to facilitate deep healing for my clients and by clearing out the family closet so speak, connects them to their soul purpose.

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About Fionn

I am a fully trained, qualified and insured Reiki Teacher under the Usui System of Natural Healing. I have been practising Reiki since 2008 and became a Reiki Teacher 2021. I am a Family Constellation Therapist, a Shamanic and Cacao Practitioner, offering Power Retrievals and Cacao Ceremonies in Edinburgh. You can read more about me here and you can follow me on Instagram here.