The Wolf Speaks – Deep Diving with The Little Mermaid


One of the things I love, is stories (and books of course, I seem to collect them to read later!)

Stories are powerful tools, where we can learn life lessons, morals, and values.

Every great story since the beginning of time includes archetypes and we can identify with these archetypes on a collective level.  It’s through the archetypes in stories that we can begin to sculpt an understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

I recently bought Beneath the Moon: Fairy Tales, Myths, and Divine Stories from Around the world, which has been written and beautifully illustrated by Yoshi Yoshitani. 

Out of the stories I have read so far, the Little Mermaid, a Danish Fairy Tale originally written by Hans Christian Anderson and published in 1837, caught my attention.

We all know the Disney version of this story; Ariel is a mermaid who dreams of living on land.  She rescues a prince from drowning and falls madly in love with him.  She takes a gamble, and strikes a bargain, with Ursula, the evil sea witch.  Fully aware of the risks, she trades in her beautiful voice for legs, so she can be part of the human world and win the love of the prince she rescued.  In the Disney story, love wins the day and they both live happily ever after.

The original story has no happy ending, and your heart breaks for the mermaid who agreed to pay the price the wicked witch of the sea demands, for love, unrequited.

The Little Mermaid is unable to win the love of the prince, watches him marry another and the Little Mermaid dies and is turned to sea foam.  Apparently, Hans Christian Anderson revised the ending to a more hopeful conclusion, where the Little Mermaid becomes a daughter of air and earns a soul, something she wanted all along.

I was a little sad at the ending and I began to think about what the moral of the story was, what are the lessons and what was the story reflecting back at me.

The timing of reading this story, was rather curious.  The book arrived on International Women’s Day, which was the day after our first Goddess Archetype Workshop and before our deep dive into the maiden archetype.

I felt like there was not only some personal introspection required, but a collective message here to investigate.

Disney Movies (of the past) have adjusted the true value of stories, by appealing to our sense of romance, adventure, and the fight against good and evil.  In the retelling of these stories, the truth and depth has been compromised.  The morals, values and lessons have been re-written to disempower the feminine (and the masculine).  The Little Mermaid was determined to ‘change’ herself and give up everything for the love of a man she hardly knew, even knowing the risks.

This retelling has entrapped women into believing that we need a hero to save us and to be dependent on the love of another.  On the flipside the powerless female character is what the masculine is taught to desire.

The true meaning of the Little Mermaid has been covered up and denies us the moral of the story and encourages women to change ourselves to suit the mainstream narrative and to give in and lose our voice.  In the movie, girls are encouraged to change themselves, even ‘silence’ themselves in the name of love.

Women are not damsels in distress. We are not powerless, and we do not need saving.  We can save ourselves, by appreciating and loving ourselves first. 

Women have given up a lot of their innate magic to suit the patriarchal narrative.  To fit a script that tells us we are not good enough, that we need to look a certain way and more specifically we need to take on attributes of the masculine to make it in this world.  

Women have had their voices silenced , their unique feminine magic overidden and changed themselves to fit into the patriachal paradigm.

We step into our wholeness by following our hearts and what we truly want and rejecting the perverted version of what society has told us we want…

We often allow ourselves to get into situations where we lose our voices and our authenticity.

For me the moral of the story is when we give up so much of ourselves, in order to fit in, we curtail our freedom and give up our authenticity and override our innate feminine magic.

We need to think hard about how much of our personal and collective value we have given away, including our voices to fit in?

Where have we give up our magical depths and our feminine ebb and flow… for something that has taken our true magic from us?

I went on to read many different opinions and theories on the original story, some offered hope from a more spiritual perspective, others felt it articulated the harsh consequences stemming from impulsive actions of the mermaid.  Some even argued that in the end, her good deeds gave her what she wanted, eternal life.

Another thought was that the more bittersweet the ending, the more realistic it is.  We cannot make people love us and we need to learn to live with that fact.  The best we can do is act gracefully towards them.

My belief is, that stories reflect back to us what we need to know or consider, and my interpretation will be different to anyone else’s, based on my own personal narrative.

In the Tarot of the Divine by Yoshi Yoshitani, the little Mermaid represents the Fool, who is carefree and excited about life regardless of the warnings.  You see the mermaid depicted in the card, sitting on a rock looking up a castle on a high mountain top - a castle in the sky. 

For me the moral of the story is a warning.  A warning to not to give up parts of ourselves for the sake of another (or the mainstream patriarchal narrative).  To slow down and think before we rush in and to not create dreams, hopes, or plans that are impossible or unrealistic. 

The Little Mermaid represents the Maiden Archetype.  This Archetype displays a youthful effervescence and determination.  She has a sense of curiosity, which she uses to explore the world around her.  She is creative and has an instinctive approach to the world; however, lacks experience.  The world is your oyster when you are a maiden.

The shadow aspect of the maiden is self-centred.  All her energy is expended on achieving her own personal needs and goals.  She struggles to realize her full potential and she tends to be fearful and co-dependent.  She does not consider the consequences and trusts it will all work out. 

If I reflect on my own personal story.  I identify with the shadow aspect of the Maiden.  Having grown up in a restrictive religion (you can read about my story here) then desperately trying to escape, I started to look for love in the wrong places, looking for a hero to save me.  I became co-dependant, lacked boundaries and sought validation in all the wrong places.  Determined to live my life on my own terms, I ignored all the warning signs, even my intuitive ones. 

Where have you given up your voice to keep the peace and fit in?  Where have you knowingly given up your deepest feminine attributes to fit into patriarchal society?

I’m sure there are many other threads to unpick in this very profound fairy tale…

What personal connection do you have to the story? What part resonates with you the most?

I’d love to hear your thoughts…

Fionn and Belinda work with the Goddess in all her forms as part of their own transformational work and feel called to offer Workshops and Cacao Ceremonies to support others with these powerful teaching tools, enabling us to create a more fulfilling and magical life.

The Goddess is rising within each of us.... may she light your path ahead.

Blessed Be.

Wise and Untamed

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Leaning into the uncomfortableness of not knowing…

I recently attended a couple of workshops ‘Letting the Field Speak’, by Anu Azrael.  

What is 'Letting the Field Speak' you may ask… good question! 

For me, it’s about getting out of my own way, surrendering to and accessing my heart and truth through sacred listening.  It means sitting in silence, silencing the thinking mind and leaning into feeling uncomfortable in the silence. 

I see the field as my inner world, the part of ourselves we are afraid to access, it’s the voice that is always whispering our deepest desires, as we close our eyes at night and in the blissful hush of a new morning.  All we need to do is surrender to its whispers and let its sweet messages reverberate through us, body, mind and soul.  That is where we find our truth. 

Equally the field is all around us, an infinite source of wisdom and guidance that we can tap into, if we give ourselves permission to master the art of surrender.  It’s from this space of infinite wisdom, that our worldly fears no longer exist, and we are surrounded by our deepest truth.  Sometimes our truth appears in symbols or random words that sound like gobbledygook.  The more time you spend time accessing your infinite wisdom, the easier it becomes to decipher the meaning of what is being expressed.

In order to access this wisdom, we need to become still and we need to become uncomfortable with not knowing, which we as humans are not very good at doing.  We have a deep-seated desire for certainty and control.  If we err on the side of being overly controlling, we can undermine our happiness. 

Not knowing can get damn uncomfortable.

The workshop with Anu was really about practicing and deepening into surrender in all aspects of our lives and becoming the fluid wisdom of the field, so that we can lead our lives from our magical heart space.

Anu allows the work to unfold through his own vulnerability in letting the field speak through him and guides the group towards accessing the field for individual healing and ultimately that echoes out into the collective for healing.

What struck me initially, at the first workshop I attended, was my own uncomfortableness with not knowing what was going to happen next and of course in a group context, your feelings are amplified by everyone else feeling uncomfortable. Even though it’s a virtual space the feeling is palpable.  It’s almost like you can hear everyone shuffling in their seats with expectation.

As you begin to settle into the session the silence is almost deafening.

This is where the magic is - in the suspension.  In limboness. (yup just made that word up!)

This is where we learn to hold space for silence and our own feeling of vulnerability.

As I sat through the first session, accepting the invitation to become still and lean into the uncomfortableness of not knowing, I realised that there is magic in this liminal space.  It’s within this stillness that we can truly tap into our souls’ deepest desires, including what is holding us back.  We hold an infinite depth of wisdom within us, at our very fingertips when we need it.

When we hold space for the unknown and release our expectations, that is when we can truly begin to follow the magical threads that our heart is revealing to us.  It is from this space of open heartedness that we will begin to see synchronicities unfolding.

My own experiences in Anu’s latest workshop was harder than the first one.  In both workshops I could feel the survivor in me react, I felt these reactions in my body quite strongly bringing a deeper awareness to myself and being able to give myself the permission to feel the reaction and let my inner survivor know that it is safe to continue, I have this!

During the session, we were put in 1:1 groups, where each person was invited to let the field speak… no matter what came through.  It can be hard to surrender to random words…. I recall saying things like my heart hurts, like it wants to expand, and I won’t let it.  Maybe it is growing pains.  There is concrete in my system. 

All of this allowed me to access what was going on with me on a deeper level.  The gobbledygook of what was being expressed through me, was an expansive process and a lot of these messages from my heart made more sense as the week unfolded.

After this very thought-provoking session, I tapped into a Podcast by a wonderful healer I met online recently, Healing and Awakening with Gaia.  It was here in her first episode that some of gobbledegook I had expressed in the session made sense.

We are all high vibrational creatures and in this podcast Gaia talks about how we step down in vibration when we come to the concrete earth plane, where there is lots of distortion, illusion and the trappings of the ego and untruths that we have to navigate through. 

AHA moment!  Lightbullllllb! Cha-ching!  I was on the money!

The weight of society expectations and patriarchal constructs had encased my heart in concrete, and I am now beginning to feel these concrete walls beginning to crumble.

Remember what I said earlier about sometimes having to decode messages from our heart?

The messages I have been receiving, since the New Moon in May, is that it is time to refocus my vision, from the concrete constructs of this world and into my passion for supporting people in bringing deeper meaning to their lives, to liberate themselves from past programming, to feel inspired to live a life of authenticity.

When we open our hearts up its deepest desires, we can take active steps to move through what is holding us back and have the confidence to allow the wisdom of our hearts to shine through in all aspects of our lives.

Learning to become fluid in the wisdom of the field, allows leaders, leaders-in-waiting to drop the masks and roles we have assigned ourselves, enabling us to truly tap into heart centred integrity, giving us the confidence to be of service in a real and authentic way.

With love

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The Power of Working with Archetypes

Text to Speech

What is an archetype and how do we harness their power to create a conscious and authentic life?

Archetypes classify specific, recognisable, and universal traits.  Humans seem to have an instinctive sorting system of how we relate to people and it doesn’t matter where we are from in the world, the same archetypes exist. 

Jung is seen as the father of archetype psychology. He believed that archetypes exist in the collective unconscious and that stories and myths are an intrinsic part of our development.  According to Jung, the human mind retains aspects of our ancestors and this forms the basic foundations of being human. Jung also believed that our personality holds aspects of all archetypes, but that we are dominated by one archetype.  How these are expressed, depends on the stories that shape our upbringing, our values, character, culture, and the world around us.

Jung identified 4 major archetypes but maintained that there were many more.

  • The Persona: who you present to the world;
  • The Anima or Animus: the Anima/Animus is the mirror image of our biological sex.  The unconscious feminine in the masculine and the unconscious masculine in the feminine;
  • The Shadow: those things that society may think as unacceptable or what your own values consider unacceptable;
  • The Self: this is the unified unconsciousness and consciousness of an individual.

Other Archetypes include the Mother, the Hero, the Warrior, the Child, the Maiden.

There are various ways to work with archetypes:

  • Active Imagination
  • Dream Work
  • Astrology
  • God / Goddess Work

Why do we work with Archetypes?

Archetypes are a powerful teaching tool, that not only gives insight into ourselves, but also how we relate to others.  They trigger emotions and provide meaning.  Archetypes are a doorway to behavioural change and that can offer us a rewarding roadmap to reaching our unique potential and experiencing greater fulfilment in life.

For Jung, the reason for working with the archetypes was to allow an individual to achieve a sense of a cohesive self.

By working with Archetypes, we get to explore new and unknown parts of ourselves, allowing us to consciously create our life, by shaping who we are from the inside out, with conscious intention.

Why work with the Goddess Archetypes?

Working with the Goddess is powerful and alchemical work as she serves as a portal into our femininity.  She helps us to harness the different aspects of our femininity that work together to heal our wounds, expand our sense of self and birth a new way of being.  She supports us with wisdom and power so that we can strut our stuff like the badass goddess's we are!

We all have our own inner goddess and working with a specific Goddess, gives our inner Goddess extra va va voom. We can identify with Kali, see her fierceness in ourselves and allow her to help us bring that positive ferocity out where we need to. This work allows us to honour ourselves the way we understand the goddesses to be honoured. 

Working with Goddess Archetypes can assist with:

  • Understanding ourselves and increasing our self-awareness
  • Finding more fulfilment in life
  • Improving our relationship with ourself and others
  • Initiating personal growth through each of the archetypal stages
  • Healing ourselves and the collective
  • Gaining greater understanding of our social belief system

Getting started working with the Goddess Archetypes

  • Read about them and see who / what resonates with you.
  • Invoke an archetype you are naturally drawn to
  • The soul responds powerfully to imagery, find, or create an image of your chosen archetype

Once you have decided which Goddess or Archetype resonates with you, set up an altar in a visible location and place an image of your Goddess on your altar. 

Once you have created your altar , quiet your mind by taking a few deep breaths, drawing each breath deep into your belly and focusing on your heart space.  Take a moment to feel into what you would like to bring more of into your life by working with the archetype.

Light a candle and set your intention to invite in your chosen archetype, giving her space to infuse her particular shade of genius into your life.

Write down your invitation on a piece of paper, be very clear and specific on the qualities you are inviting in.  Place it on your altar and meditate on your request.  Let your candle burn for as long as feels right (supervised of course and remember pets are flammable 😉)

As part of your ongoing work with your goddess, you can meditate with her every day and placing seasonal offerings to her, on your altar.

New Moon rituals are a magical way to harness the lunar power of the moon to amplify your intention and desires.

The Goddess is rising.

Blessed Be.

Fionn and Belinda, work with the Goddess in all her forms, as part of their own transformational work and feel called to offer Workshops and Cacao Ceremonies to support others with these powerful teaching tools, which enable us to create a more fulfilling and magical life.

Wise and Untamed

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