21 Day Cacao Challenge – Welcome to Week 3 (Day 15)

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Over the last two weeks I have really been enjoying connecting with Cacao and learning more about her history, which has deepened my connection to this Master Plant Medicine.  The Journey has given me so much more self-awareness, not only physically, but mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.  Cacao is definitely not woowoo, as they say the proof is in the pudding, in this case the proof is in drinking the Cacao.

In the final week, we will be working more shamanically with this Plant Medicine and we will do this by focussing our attention outwarded and taking what have learnt in the last two weeks and putting it into practical action.

Cacao holds a lot of nutrients as we have already learnt in my previous blogs, but they also hold a lot of codes and keys to who we really are.

What is Plant Medicine Shamanism…

In our current way of living, we are disconnected from nature and the healing energy she provides.  Disease and disfunction has energetic origins and traditional healers believe thatthe beginnings of disease originate from an imbalance or disharmony in our emotional and spiritual bodies, which can be addressed by realigning ourselves with nature.   When we begin to understand our relationship with nature and how we operate within it, we can begin to heal. 

Plant spirit shamanism brings us into balance and harmony, bringing awareness to the unity of all of life and of treating plants with love and respect.

Research shows plants are intelligence, and can see, hear, smell, and respond. If we treat plants with love, they flourish and grow.  

Shamans from many traditions believe that plants can speak to us, they call to us, if we listen. 

As my Cacao Teacher says, Plants and the Divine speak in paradoxes… and shit can get weird, so we need to get out of our own way, to hear what they have to say.

We can learn a lot through reclaiming the fact that we are nature.

Plants are inviting us to be in a dance with them so that we can sense the healing power of the Divine in them.  It’s simply up to us to heed their call.

I like what Rebekah says in her email:  When we transform from separation consciousness to unity consciousness, we automatically reconnect to nature, and live more symbiotically with the natural world. We also start making the right choices that will leave our planet healthy for future generations, which is our duty, as their ancestors. It is going to take a shift in consciousness, and a value system reset, to bring humanity and the planet back into balance.

For me, as a Shaman in training, Shamanism is a nature-based path, it’s about remembering our connection to nature and remembering that we are all one.  Shamans are facilitators of change, leading to living more harmoniously and helping birth the next step in raising humanities vibration.

Cacao is making herself known, in order to help us with a global shift.  She has much magic to share with us, if we approach her with humility and an empty cup, she will fill that cup to overflowing if we choose to imbibe her magic.

Rebekah shares in her email five of her Tenets of Plant Medicine Shamanism.  The one that really hit home for me and something we often lose sight of, is that we are the ancestors of the future generations (read that again!), and it is our duty to keep our planet healthy and thriving… however, I felt that there was more to the tenet, it goes deeper into healing our own personal wounds so that we do not hand down the wounds of the past to our future generations, we owe to our children’s children to pass down a more healed baton, than the one we received.

Daily Ritual for the final week, is to tune into Cacao for guidance when suddenly feeling triggered or stressed.  Most of don’t reach out for help as we are so self-sufficient, but we can simply connect in with our loving friend, Cacao for guidance.

The suggestion this week is that if I receive a strong message, or someone pops in my mind, contact them.  The idea here is to action on what your intuition or gut is telling me.  When we act on our intuition it, it’s like a muscle, it gets stronger.

And finally, to commit to the final stretch of this 21-day challenge.

Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.

Chief Seattle


Daily Intention:

Today, the energy felt a bit heavy, so my intention was to find lightness and joy in my day.

What am I Grateful for today?

Video calls with my favourite Cousin and Spiritual Sister.

One thing today that made me feel ‘I Love my life’:

Again today, the amazing sound of heavy rain falling!

How did I follow my intuition today (with what results?)

By listening to the no and following through.

What Physical Changes are taking place?

My skin is glowing, and I feel more and more energised each day.  I have also noticed I am eating less junk food (not that I ate much before) and if I think of eating a bag of crisps my body gives me an immediate no.

Daily check in questions:

What difference did this Challenge Make to my day?

The challenge reminded me that we ebb and flow and that sometimes we just need to allow an emotion to wash over us and then let it go.

How is this challenge helping me achieve my goals?

The more I slow myself down, the more I seem to achieve, with a clearer mind.

How is this challenge impacting my relationships with nature, myself, and other relationships?

My relationship with myself is deepening and I am learning to say no to what does not serve me or does not vibe with me.

Wise and Untamed

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