The Power of Working with Archetypes

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What is an archetype and how do we harness their power to create a conscious and authentic life?

Archetypes classify specific, recognisable, and universal traits.  Humans seem to have an instinctive sorting system of how we relate to people and it doesn’t matter where we are from in the world, the same archetypes exist. 

Jung is seen as the father of archetype psychology. He believed that archetypes exist in the collective unconscious and that stories and myths are an intrinsic part of our development.  According to Jung, the human mind retains aspects of our ancestors and this forms the basic foundations of being human. Jung also believed that our personality holds aspects of all archetypes, but that we are dominated by one archetype.  How these are expressed, depends on the stories that shape our upbringing, our values, character, culture, and the world around us.

Jung identified 4 major archetypes but maintained that there were many more.

  • The Persona: who you present to the world;
  • The Anima or Animus: the Anima/Animus is the mirror image of our biological sex.  The unconscious feminine in the masculine and the unconscious masculine in the feminine;
  • The Shadow: those things that society may think as unacceptable or what your own values consider unacceptable;
  • The Self: this is the unified unconsciousness and consciousness of an individual.

Other Archetypes include the Mother, the Hero, the Warrior, the Child, the Maiden.

There are various ways to work with archetypes:

  • Active Imagination
  • Dream Work
  • Astrology
  • God / Goddess Work

Why do we work with Archetypes?

Archetypes are a powerful teaching tool, that not only gives insight into ourselves, but also how we relate to others.  They trigger emotions and provide meaning.  Archetypes are a doorway to behavioural change and that can offer us a rewarding roadmap to reaching our unique potential and experiencing greater fulfilment in life.

For Jung, the reason for working with the archetypes was to allow an individual to achieve a sense of a cohesive self.

By working with Archetypes, we get to explore new and unknown parts of ourselves, allowing us to consciously create our life, by shaping who we are from the inside out, with conscious intention.

Why work with the Goddess Archetypes?

Working with the Goddess is powerful and alchemical work as she serves as a portal into our femininity.  She helps us to harness the different aspects of our femininity that work together to heal our wounds, expand our sense of self and birth a new way of being.  She supports us with wisdom and power so that we can strut our stuff like the badass goddess's we are!

We all have our own inner goddess and working with a specific Goddess, gives our inner Goddess extra va va voom. We can identify with Kali, see her fierceness in ourselves and allow her to help us bring that positive ferocity out where we need to. This work allows us to honour ourselves the way we understand the goddesses to be honoured. 

Working with Goddess Archetypes can assist with:

  • Understanding ourselves and increasing our self-awareness
  • Finding more fulfilment in life
  • Improving our relationship with ourself and others
  • Initiating personal growth through each of the archetypal stages
  • Healing ourselves and the collective
  • Gaining greater understanding of our social belief system

Getting started working with the Goddess Archetypes

  • Read about them and see who / what resonates with you.
  • Invoke an archetype you are naturally drawn to
  • The soul responds powerfully to imagery, find, or create an image of your chosen archetype

Once you have decided which Goddess or Archetype resonates with you, set up an altar in a visible location and place an image of your Goddess on your altar. 

Once you have created your altar , quiet your mind by taking a few deep breaths, drawing each breath deep into your belly and focusing on your heart space.  Take a moment to feel into what you would like to bring more of into your life by working with the archetype.

Light a candle and set your intention to invite in your chosen archetype, giving her space to infuse her particular shade of genius into your life.

Write down your invitation on a piece of paper, be very clear and specific on the qualities you are inviting in.  Place it on your altar and meditate on your request.  Let your candle burn for as long as feels right (supervised of course and remember pets are flammable 😉)

As part of your ongoing work with your goddess, you can meditate with her every day and placing seasonal offerings to her, on your altar.

New Moon rituals are a magical way to harness the lunar power of the moon to amplify your intention and desires.

The Goddess is rising.

Blessed Be.

Fionn and Belinda, work with the Goddess in all her forms, as part of their own transformational work and feel called to offer Workshops and Cacao Ceremonies to support others with these powerful teaching tools, which enable us to create a more fulfilling and magical life.

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