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September is a time of transition and change.  A time for self-reflection, gratitude and forgiveness.  September offers an opportunity to let go of the past year, to move forward and embrace the coming year, hopefully with some new learning and resolve.  It is important to manage these in-between times and change mindfully.

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The Mother Archetype. Woman Pregnant

The Mother Archetype – Sacred Caretaker

When we tap into her cosmic personality, we see that her strength lies in her nurturing presence and not control.  She encompasses inner strength, wisdom, artfulness, and sacred caretaking.  She allows what she has created to bloom in its own divine time.  This is what creation is really about; co-creating something with the divine, that is one day able to sustain itself without our presence.

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Summertime is for healing…

Whilst the energy of the month is vibrant, and we are amped to get going, we may feel like we are being reigned in. Just remember, this is exactly where we need to be right now because with every push forward, there is a need to look back and this may be necessary, for emotional clearing or a completion of a cycle…

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21 Day Cacao Challenge – Spiritual Goodness (Day 11)

Cacao softens us and gently opens the heart space, which is the gateway to our inner wisdom and once this portal is open, profound changes occur. Cacao facilitates a deeper connection to ourselves and assists us in exploring what needs to be released and lovingly moving through it, creating spacing for better things to come in.

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21 Day Cacao Challenge – Emotional Goodness (Day 10)

In the middle of where the three turbulent confluences met, I landed up on a rock, water rushing past me wildly.  By this stage, I was fucking scared and seriously clinging to that rock for dear life. (another life lesson here!) In reality… I would need to let go and get back into the river, if I was to reach the safety of land. 

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21 Day Cacao Challenge – Welcome to Week 2 (Day 8)

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love to dance and to move.  Movement can help shift emotions we need to release, leaving us feeling re-energised and refreshed.  When we dance with mother earth beneath our bare feet, we can feel her support and love and we can release whatever we need to, directly into mother earth through our feet.

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Leaning into the uncomfortableness of not knowing…

What struck me initially, at the first workshop I attended, was my own uncomfortableness with not knowing what was going to happen next and of course in a group context, your feelings are amplified by everyone else feeling uncomfortable. Even though it’s a virtual space the feeling is palpable.  It’s almost like you can hear everyone shuffling in their seats with expectation.

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February 2021 – Newsletter

February is a transitional time, a tipping point, a time for letting go of the old, to make space for the new. You can already sense the change in the air, the evenings are getting lighter and we are starting to feel ourselves waking from our winter hibernation…

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December 2020 – Newsletter

It’s almost winter! *queue squeals of delight* I’m thinking about mulled wine, cosey nights in and hopefully a snowball fight or two!

The energy of winter is that of going within… and it’s from this place of inner stillness that our soul’s yearnings and new inspirations can emerge.

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What is a Shamanic Power Retrieval?

A Shamanic Power Retrieval is a healing technique used for reclaiming your lost personal power. We have all experienced the loss of our personal power at some point in our lives. Loss of personal power can result in a lack of direction and purpose or a sense of belief of not belonging…

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November 2020 – Newsletter

November is the month of transition from autumn into winter and acts as a catalyst of setting in motion new beginnings and heralding in a new chapter. The powerful energy of the month empowers us to tap into our personal soul mission…

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October 2020 – Newsletter

As we start to retreat in doors to focus on creating a safe and snug home, inviting us to go inwards and reconnect with ourselves in our cosey havens. To focus on body and spirit. This month’s Tarot card is the Hermit and his invitation is to find your glow.

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September 2020 – Newsletter

What a year it has been so far. 2020 has been a game changer on so many levels and just like that, we are moving towards Autumn, shorter days and the final harvests before winter sets in. The golden months represent a time to acknowledge our own personal growth and expansion over the year.

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Book Review – Code Red by Lisa Lister

Code Red is about living in alignment with the rhythms of your own menstrual cycle and cracking your own powerful personal lady code. Uncovering your monthly superpowers will empower you to tap into your innate feminine wisdom. A modern Priestess guide for women to go within. It’s a call to action and a reminder that you are fiercely feminine. Have a read…

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