Archetypal Reiki

Would you like to raise your vibration? Create more connection in your life? Reprogramme your relationship with yourself? Expand your sense of self? Reclaim your deepest authenticity? Read on...

What is Archetypal Reiki?

There is life changing wisdom to be found in each chakra and when infused with the power of the archetypes, this becomes a beautiful portal to assist with a deeper knowledge of ourselves, our past programming and how we interact with the world.

This style of energy work is my own creation.  I have fused my love of archetypes, Reiki and Shamanism together, to create a powerful and unique style of energy work to assist you in reclaiming your personal power, whilst giving you a platform to understand how you co-create in the world.

By working directly with a specific Chakra and associated archetype in each session, the aim is to recalibrate and rebalance your overall energy field over a period of time. This dynamic process will give you personal insights into your relationship with your Chakras and the Archetypes, resulting in lots of AHA’s and an individual personal journey to reclaim your deepest authenticity.

Each Reiki session explores a specific Chakra and includes a guided journey for you to receive wisdom and healing from the archetypes you meet.  Sessions are tailormade to suit your individual healing needs and will include after session 'deepening practices' to assist you on your journey.

As there is often more than one aspect of our energetic system that requires recalibration and deeper healing work, I am offering this work in a block of 9 sessions (over a 9 month period), to allow for integration after session and for the process to be effective and beneficial. This includes an initial session to assess your chakras and a final session to close out our work together.  I will be offering this at an introductory offer of £295 for a limited time.  (Thereafter the block booking will be £450)

Once we have completed the block sessions, further single sessions can be arranged as and when needed, for any further work required in a particular chakra/archetype.

Archetypal Reiki offers an in-depth and holistic view of your energy field and gives you insights on where you should focus your attention for deeper activation of your soul truth

This is a journey of love, that will lead you to your heart and your deepest authenticity.

You can read more here about the Power of Working with Archetypes

The Purpose:

The purpose of Archetypal Reiki is to give you an individual and in-depth holistic view of your energy field, whilst giving you personal insights on where you should focus your attention for deeper activation of your soul truth through the archetypes associated with the chakras. When our main seven chakras are open and balanced, energy can flow freely throughout our body, propelling you into the life you deserve to live. Infusing the Archetypes into this process, will give you a platform to understand how you co-create in the world and the Reiki energy will assist in re-energising you.

This is a personal journey of love, that will lead you to your heart and your deepest authenticity.

What to Expect

In the first session, I will chat to you about the journey we will be embarking on together and ask you what your expectations or intentions are.  I will then assess your energy centres, whilst you receive Reiki. At the end of the session I will discuss my findings with you and how we will proceed over the duration of our time together.

In the following sessions, we will work with each chakra in turn.  You will receive Reiki and when ready I will guide you on a journey into the specific chakra and archetype we are working with.

In the final close out session, we will discuss your journey thus far and receive a final Reiki treatment which will include a final assessment on your Chakras, so you can continue your personal journey.

There will be after session 'homework' / 'deepening practices' to assist you on your personal journey, which will include tailormade practices specifically for your individual needs.


During the Archetypal Reiki Sessions, you will lie fully clothed on the therapy bed with a blanket over you, whilst you receive Reiki and when ready I will start the guided journey.

I work with power animals and if during our sessions together, I receive any messages from them for guidance and inspiration, I will share these with you after the session.


In - person Reiki Sessions with me, come with extra furry love and purrs. Mr Mayu holds beautiful space and the guardian of the Medicine Space. (I swear people are actually more excited to see him than me!)

My Purpose

I am passionate about holding space for people who are looking to reclaim their deepest most aligned self. My purpose is to support people in finding their inner magic, and my Shamanic and Reiki practices directly connects me to my passion to facilitate deep healing for my clients and connecting them to their soul purpose.

Booking an In-Person / Virtual Session:

I will be offering Archetypal Reiki in Edinburgh / Virtual space for an exchange of £295 for 9 Sessions - over 9 months (for a limited time, thereafter block bookings will be £450).

Payment plans are available. Deposit £75 and 4 instalments of £55.

Spaces are limited and I have scheduled 3 intakes to ensure I can support you effectively, thereafter, dates are flexible and can be arranged around your schedule.

Limited spaces available at the early bird exchange!

Initial Assessment Sessions:
First intake date: Saturday, 29 January 2022 (Fully Booked)
Second intake date: Saturday, 12 February 2022 and Sunday, 13 February 2022 (2 spaces left)
Third Intake date: Sunday, 13 March 2022 (3 spaces left)

Exchange for single sessions following block booking: £60

Do chat to me if you are curious about these sessions, which will be tailormade for your individual needs.

If you would like to do these sessions in a virtual space, this can be arranged, please just let me know.

** Please note covid safe measures are in place. I will also email you prior to the appointment to sign a covid disclaimer

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About Fionn

I am a fully trained, qualified and insured Reiki Teacher under the Usui System of Natural Healing. I have been practising Reiki since 2008 and became a Reiki Teacher 2021. I currently embarking on Family Constellation Training and adding Reiki Drum to my offerings in 2022. As a Shamanic Practitioner, I offer Power Retrievals and Cacao Ceremonies. You can read more about me here and you can follow me on Instagram here.

UK Reiki Federation Member

Reiki – Testimonial

The Reiki session helped in slowing me down to listen for direction.  No more pushing ahead.  Thanks so much for holding the space and guiding the healing.


Reiki Testimonial

Amazing Reiki healer. Targets areas that are damaged the most and leaves you light and happy after the session. No mattered how anxious or unhappy you were before.❤


Cancellation Policy

I understand that unanticipated events happen occasionally in everyone’s life, but to be effective and fair to all of my clients, I have adopted the following policies:

During Covid, payment is required ahead of receiving a treatment.

  • 24 hour advance notice is required when cancelling or re-scheduling an appointment, which will allow me to offer the opportunity to someone else to schedule an appointment within your cancelled slot.
  • If you are unable to provide me with a reasonable time of advance notice, you may be charged 50% for your missed appointment.
  • No-Shows, will be charged the full amount for their “missed” appointment.

The Owl and The Wolf is a loving and inspired safe space. Our aim is to assist you on your inner journey to your true self, connecting you with your creative essence.