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Hello Dear Ones

Throughout August we have enjoyed the last of an intoxicating and heady summer in the UK.  Now we say goodbye to the wildness of summer days and welcome in the changing of the season as we descend into the darker months and open our arms to Autumn comforts of pumpkins and cinnamon!

Each month of the year has a lesson to teach us and an opportunity for reflection and growth.

September is a time of transition and change.  A time for self-reflection, gratitude and forgiveness.  September offers an opportunity to let go of the past year, to move forward and embrace the coming year, hopefully with some new learning and resolve.  It is important to manage these in-between times and change mindfully.

I have been sensing change on the horizon and feel ready to start a new chapter, however, the future is still unclear… after speaking to a couple of people this week, it seems they are feeling this same restlessness and need for something new.

So, when I received the Newsletter from the School of Shamanism earlier today, Lena’s forecast resonated.  She talks about the main theme for September being Time for a New Story and suggests the best approach to creating our new story is to ask questions that will open up our internal dialogue:

  • What do you fear?
  • What truly makes you happy?
  • What are the addictions you desire to change?
  • What part of your current story are you truly done with?
  • What are you not ready or willing to let go of?
  • What are you ready and willing to let go of?
  • What are your past unrealized dreams that are no longer viable?
  • What is your truth?

The first step in creating a new story is to let go of the old one without anger or judgment. The discomfort and irritation we feel in life, comes from resisting the responsibility of our own change. Only you can create a new story for yourself.

Let your heart lead the way... It will never lead you astray.

As the seasons change, so do we.  May we be aware we are shifting just like the wind.

Keep your vibration high this month, stay present, practice compassion and most of all cultivate appreciation for all of life in supporting your new story!

Important Reminders!

Goddess Archetype Workshops:  Belinda and I have started our preparations for the Goddess Workshops in October.  We have 1 space left if you would like to join us.  There are payments plans available - just pop me an email to discuss.

More details below!

Whats New?

Goddess Archetype Workshop (Begins, Sunday, 3 October 2021)

The time is now…to reclaim your deepest and wildest self!  (There is 1 space left!)

Awakening the Goddess within, is every woman’s birth right.  It’s a journey of love, that will lead you to your heart and your deepest authenticity.  The triple goddess captures the essence of life birth, growth, and death/transformation, and eventual renewal, symbolising the divine dance throughout the universe.  By awakening the pure power and innate wisdom of these archetypes/goddesses within you, you will realise your power and wisdom has been within you all along and that your inner goddess has been waiting for you to take the first step in igniting her wisdom.

Join Belinda and Fionn for a 6-Part Workshop where we will be exploring The Maiden, The Mother, The Wild Woman and the Crone as a portal into self, to reclaim our divine feminine power. The workshop will be hosted online via zoom.

If you feel a YES to join us..... More details here.

Re-Ignite your Light Retreat (18 - 20 March 2022)

Join Belinda and Fionn for a retreat in the Highlands of Scotland.  We will say goodbye to the winter on the Friday and connecting with the Cailleach for wisdom and on the Saturday, we will be welcoming back the spring and opening our hearts to Brigid to re-ignite our light.

We are still in the planning phase of bringing this retreat to life, do let us know if you are interested in joining us, so we can keep you posted on the plans.

If you feel a YES to join us..... More details here.

Who would have guessed, it is time for the newsletter again.

August has been a good month. I knew it would bring change; however, subtle and it did not disappoint. Those of you that follow us on social media will know that I have been on a spirit doll making course. I knew how to needle felt before I started, but the course has still taught me new techniques and given me the opportunity to practice my skills. 

More importantly it allowed for time to reflect on various aspects of my spirituality and to dig a little deeper into some shadow work. One Tuesday morning at 1am, with a candle, a glass of water and a blanket drawn over my face I discovered, that while Inanna invites you to shed your treasures at each gate you pass, the Cailleach does not have time to ask, she just rips everything off and leaves you with what is important within minutes. 

The lessons learnt during the Goddess Workshops also started making sense this month and has added to the transformative nature of the month. I am not only seeing a change in my personal life, but also a huge shift at work. 

And the last thing I want to say about August is we finished the spellcrafting workshops. We had great fun. We spoke about a huge range of things from Hitler to sacred sex. If you were not there you have missed out. 

It has been a gentle month, with all the messages coming through softly and at a constant pace. And I am happy to be alive.

With lots of love

August reminds me of savouring the last drops of a fine red wine.   Enjoying the last of the delicious warm days as we descend into the longer evenings.

August  felt quick in linear time and on an energetic level it felt expansive and long.  My month kicked off with attending Reiki Master Training as part of Teacher Training.  It was so good to be in sacred space with fellow sisters learning and growing together.  It was a powerful weekend, as Lionsgate and the Leo New Moon coincided with our training.  A beautiful and potent portal that activated heart healing and an expansion of spiritual wisdom to help us awaken to our truest potential, lead from the heart and birth a new world.

During the month, I welcomed back the Wild Woman and I continued my journey with Sekhmet.  It was an amazing check in to see how far I had come in letting go of past programming and to look ahead to the future and begin planning the next phase of my adventure, which includes writing more (and launch my podcast).

The past couple of weeks my fingers have been flying across the keyboard and I finally finished a piece I had started on the Little Mermaid.  My relfection is that that the Disney version of this story has entrapped women into believing that we need a hero to save us and to be dependent on the love of another.  Women have given up a lot of their innate magic to suit the patriarchal narrative, to fit a script that tells us we are not good enough, that we need to look a certain way and more specifically we need to take on attributes of the masculine to make it in this world.  We are all being called recognise our worth and we step into our wholeness by following our hearts and rejecting the perverted version of what society has told us we want….  I’d love to heart your thoughts.

Belinda and I are in the process of getting ready for our Goddess Archetype Workshops.  It’s been an absolutely joy to bring these workshops to life again this year and as we move towards the first workshop, keep an eye out for my video ands lives.

I am super excited to be off to Arran this weekend for a much needed break! 

Have a beautiful September!  Stay present and appreciate the now!

Love and Blessings

The Owls Witchy Tip

With so much going on in the world at the moment I got good at emergency protection spells this month. A very simple white light visualisation where I cast a protective shield around the people/place I wanted to protect while making a little charm bag with basil and cumin to which I added tourmaline. I could not gift this bag physically, so I asked that they virtually accept the gift and place it at their front door for protection. I planted the charm bag at my front door together with some lettuce. The lettuce is growing wonderfully while the protection is working. 

The Wolfs Wild Tip

Re-Wilding Tips for the month of September

Go fly a kite - Make use of the still light evenings and head to the park and fly a kite.

Blackberry picking - Head on out and pick blackberries and make something delicious with your foraged fruits.

Catch falling leaves – Get outdoors into the garden or visit the local park or woodland and catch the leaves as they fall from the trees. And for every leaf you catch make a wish.

Have a bonfire - Have a mini bonfire in the garden or sit outside around the wood burner, take out some hot chocolate and toast marshmallows in the flames.

Make autumn apple drinks - Simmer up a pan of warming, gently spiced apple drinks. Infuse the apple juice with citrus peel and cinnamon.

Make toffee apples - Nothing says autumn quite like deliciously red toffee apples.

Get outdoors for a walk – Get out and about an autumn nature trail, look out for conkers, acorns, beech nuts, pinecones, beautiful autumn-coloured leaves and autumn wildlife. Maybe take a picnic or flasks of hot chocolate and some brownies.

Climb a hill and watch the sunset – It just feels so good to do this and best of all, it’s free!

Star gazing - If you’ve got a telescope then get out into the garden and spend time looking at the stars or catching a glimpse of a planet.


Reiki Treatments (Appointments Available on Sunday 26, September 2021 - 1 space left!) A Reiki Treatment is a wonderfully relaxing experience. It can help kick start your journey to connecting to your heart space and help you make the right decisions for you.  Reiki can also help with pain relief, anxiety, fatigue as well as improve your mood and enhance your overall well-being.  If you are interested in booking a session, see more details here.

Shamanic Power Retrieval (Appointments by request) A Shamanic Power Retrieval is a healing technique used for reclaiming your lost personal power. We have all experienced the loss of our personal power at some point in our lives. Through a Shamanic Power Retrieval, the idea is to retrieve your lost power and return it to you.  Fionn is preparing to take in-person bookings at Santosa, from 26 April 2021 onwards, if you are interested in booking a session, see more details here.

Intuitive Oracle / Tarot Card Readings (Readings by request) Fionn offers intuitive Tarot and Oracle Card Readings delivered straight to your inbox so you can read them again when you need to.  Prior to consulting the cards to answer any questions you have, I go on a short Shamanic Journey to gain insight into your question and then I connect to the cards for more intuitive guidance.  More details here.

Tarot Card of the Month

The Five of Wands – Everyday Witch Tarot

This card encourages an enthusiastic approach to change.  Transformation is coming, whether you like it or not.  Seems like an apt card for tthe month of September.
We will all be experiencing growing pains this month and at times it may feel uncomfortable. The challenge is to remember we are all in this together and everyone is under the same influence to grow and change. You are not alone.

I also felt like this card speaks to those who are lightworkers.  Now is your time to come forward. Even if you are uncertain.  The world needs you.  Come forward and lend your gifts for the greater good… we are in a period of great change!

Wishing you a beautiful September


Wise and Untamed

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