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Hello Dear Ones

July has arrived with stormy weather here in Scotland. June felt a bit heavy with retrogrades and eclipses, so the rainy weather feels refreshing and rejuvenating.

July supports the energy of victory and expanding our personal horizons, think Julius Caesar and his triumphant statement Veni Vidi Vici!

I was reading the July Forecast from the School of Shamanism and Lena says that the main theme for July is “Two Steps Forward, One Step Back”. A Chameleon immediately came to mind and their message is ‘Watch and Wait’, the highway of life has more than just green lights.

So, whilst the energy of the month is vibrant, and we are amped to get going, we may feel like we are being reigned in. Just remember, this is exactly where we need to be right now because with every push forward, there is a need to look back and this may be necessary, for emotional clearing or a completion of a cycle… whatever the reason for looking back, remember this is necessary to ensure that our move forward is truly aligned with what we want.
Whilst out and about celebrating the radiant warmth of summer…. continue working on your goals, your personal growth and you will find yourself a victor!

Warm Summer love!

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You have been following Fionn’s blog about her journey with Mama Cacao during June. I was on a journey with her as well, but a very different one. Those of you that have sat in ceremony with us will know that I am not a great fan of the taste. I like what it stands for, I like the experience I get from it, but I dislike the taste. It is hard work drinking it. But I tried it, the first week it went well and I thought I can do this. And then life happened and I only occasionally took it. This experience does not mean that the last month has not been transformational, because it has. For a variety of reasons.

We finished the Goddess workshop a little while ago, but during the last month, we did some constellation work using the four archetypes we worked with. It was a powerful experience. There were some surprises for me, but deep down I knew how these four archetypes were out of alignment, who was feeling repressed, who was dominant and who had barged in to try and keep things calm. I had a coaching session at work this week and we talked about this work in relation to my work. I have a lot to work on. So now I am trying to let the mother rest and allowing the wild woman and the maiden a little playtime. The crone is there, but just keeping an eye on proceedings. That is easier said than done. This morning during a meditation I was reminded to look at my heart box and remember what was important to me. Have a look at my witchy tip below for more details on a heart box.
Anyway, I have been expecting change for a long time now and I think it has started.

And my final word: those that have signed up for the magical life workshop are in for a treat. Not only do we have an exciting 5 weeks lined up, but I love the witches starter kit I have put together.

Check out the unboxing of the Magical Life Workshop box here!

Have a lovely July.

With lots of love


June felt epically long! I loved the time expansion, it felt like the world slowed down, allowing for much-needed downtime! As I mentioned last month, I took the month off to recalibrate my inner world and follow my intuition and aim my arrow in the direction of my heart’s desires!

I kicked off June by stepping further onto my path as a Reiki Teacher, which has thus far brought some fascinating ideas on how to weave my passion for archetypes and cacao into my practice.

The day dawned gorgeous and sunny, and I was excited to take my next steps on this path. Throughout the afternoon there were lots of messages from spirit and my guides, affirming I am on track.

First up was a beautiful reflexology session infused with Reiki. It was during reflexology I was guided into a mediation, and I found myself on a yellow brick road… Yup, much like the yellow brick road Dorothy was on in The Wizard of OZ, except I didn’t have red Dorothy shoes, my feet were bare! Also, I didn’t have the Tin Man, Lion or Scare Crow… I had my heart and my Animal Guides… and it felt like I was heading off on an adventure of the heart.

Afterwards, we headed into the garden to embark on Reiki Teacher training, and we discussed my vision for teaching and for my practice.  After receiving my attunement another affirmation that I am on an adventure of the heart, came through.

I am super excited about how this is all unfolding!

Simultaneously, I felt called to attune myself more deeply to the Master Plant Medicine Cacao as part of a 21-day challenge. Each day I created a sacred pause to sit in ritual to be fully present with myself and deepen my relationship with Cacao. Cacao helps us to listen and to feel, she encourages us to reflect on our life and where we can open our heart to our calling.

I have loved connecting with her over the last month and diving deep into her history, the challenge has grounded me, slowed me down and brought me back to my heart centre.

If you haven’t read about my journey thus far… check out our blog.

I am thinking about running a 21-day Cacao Challenge later this year, please do let me know if you are interested, it has truly been an expansive journey and I recommend it wholeheartedly!

Last month we closed off our Goddess Workshops with constellation work, recalibrating the Maiden, the Mother, the Wild Woman and Crone within us… It was the perfect way to end off our workshops, giving those who attended amazing insight on which archetypes need more nurturing from us. We have opened registration for the Goddess Archetype Workshops… do let us know if you would like to join!

Sending you all so much love and happy summer vibes 💗

The Owls Witchy Tip

Make a little keepsake box out of any sturdy box. Mine is a beautiful jewellery box that my Goddess necklace came in. In it, I have little things that make my heart sing. Some of it is a little something I have picked up because it is pretty and some of it represents the things I love most in life.

Try making one for yourself, open it when you are down or you doubt yourself and you will be reminded of what makes you happy and those things that should play a bigger part in your life. 

The Wolfs Wild Tip

Focus on your Heart. 

We are so busy hustling and trying to keep our lives afloat, we waste so much energy getting stuck in our heads trying to figure life out.

Instead, drop into your heart and allow yourself to fully feel what's going on inside of you.

Talk to it, listen to it, thank it, ask it to share its wisdom with you.  

Summertime is a good time to heal and let go of any emotional wounds from the past, giving us the space to open up our hearts to what's present for you now and what it's guiding you towards in the future.

Recommendations of the Month


Weem Witch, by Leonard Low (for anyone interested in the Scottish Witch Trials)

Whats New?

Magical Life Workshop: Magic in the Mundane Some of you may have joined us on this magical journey last year, but this is a new revamped and super witchy version!  We will kick off this workshop, by exploring the history of witchcraft and looking at the recent history, as well as the Scottish Witch Trials.  The aim of the workshop will be to explore spell crafting and how to cast a successful spell.  There will be a magical box included!  If you feel a magical life calling you... more details here.  (There are only a few spaces left and bookings close on 9 July)  

Fire Ceremony (In-Person): Giving Thanks for Abundance (1 August 2021) We are preparing for our first In-Person Ceremony.  We invite you to join us in giving thanks to the Earth Mother for her abundance and blessings.  Details are still being finalised with the venue and a separate email with the final details will be sent out.  Numbers will be limited due to Covid restrictions, so it will be first come first booked.  If you would like to join us, reserve your space here.

Goddess Archetype Workshop (Begins, Sunday, 3 October 2021) We are opening registration for our next 6-Part Workshop, beginning 3 October 2021.  In these workshops, we will explore aspects of the Triple Goddess and deep-diving into each of the archetypes: The Maiden, The Mother, The Wildwoman and The Crone. We will also explore the shadow aspect of each of these archetypes. This workshop will enable you to develop the goddess within you and expand your sense of self.  The workshop will be hosted online via zoom.  If you feel a YES to join us..... More details here.

Reiki Treatments (Appointments Available on Sunday 18, July 2021 - 1 space left!) A Reiki Treatment is a wonderfully relaxing experience. It can help kick start your journey to connecting to your heart space and help you make the right decisions for you.  Reiki can also help with pain relief, anxiety, fatigue as well as improve your mood and enhance your overall well-being.  If you are interested in booking a session, see more details here.

Shamanic Power Retrieval (Appointments by request) A Shamanic Power Retrieval is a healing technique used for reclaiming your lost personal power. We have all experienced the loss of our personal power at some point in our lives. Through a Shamanic Power Retrieval, the idea is to retrieve your lost power and return it to you.  Fionn is preparing to take in-person bookings at Santosa, from 26 April 2021 onwards, if you are interested in booking a session, see more details here.

Intuitive Oracle / Tarot Card Readings (Readings by request) Fionn offers intuitive Tarot and Oracle Card Readings delivered straight to your inbox so you can read them again when you need to.  Prior to consulting the cards to answer any questions you have, I go on a short Shamanic Journey to gain insight into your question and then I connect to the cards for more intuitive guidance.  More details here.

Oracle Card of the Month

King of Swords – Prisma Vision Deck
This King is in his power. He rules with authority, a clear mind and intellect. If you encounter any challenging situations this month, tackle them with a clear mind and you may find that the answer is simpler than you expect.

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Wishing you happy Summer Vibes!

Blessed Be


Wise and Untamed

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