21 Day Cacao Challenge – How do you drink yours (Day 2)

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I tend to drink my Cacao Straight up (like my coffee).  Just water, cacao and a squeeze of agave (we don't use ordinary sugar).  My go to additions are Rose, Vanilla and Cinnamon for some extra yumminess.  I drink her bitter, because her medicine is all the more sweeter for her bitter taste.

It got me thinking about how creative I can get with Cacao over the coming weeks! 

It is thought that using nut milk (we don't mix her with dairy milk) when creating this elixir can soften her medicine… I will consider this view over the coming days as I experiment with what magical delights I can create with Ceremonial Cacao.

This morning, I sit lovingly cradling my cup of cacao, looking outside the window watching the birds at the bird feeder going about their business.  I am listening to Devi Schlokas, Sandal wood incense is burning and I am in my own world…. Just contemplating the beauty of life in all its ups and downs.

I take my first sip and can taste the bitter medicine of Mama Cacao, an explosive symphony of bitter yumminess as I feel her spirit vibrating through me, as I connect with her, grounding me, softening me and bringing me to a place of sheer awe at the magnificence of the earth, the sky and the clouds above… and most importantly I am an integral part of all of this.

I reflect on my intentions for the day, all the while enjoying my time with the Spirit of Cacao. I take my final sip and put my cup down, knowing that it’s time to re-enter the linear reality of this world. I feel more in tune with myself.  I complete my morning ritual with a chakra tuned up and wrap myself in a golden protective light as I make my entery into the day ahead.

Daily check in questions:

What difference did this Challenge Make to my day?

Today, I had a lot of mind chatter and I took the time to reconnect with my heart and my breath to bring to a place of remembrance, that there is only this moment.  I also gave myself the space, to observe the frustrations of slowing myself down and not doing with compassion.

How is this challenge helping me achieve my goals?

This challenge is helping me to achieve my goal of less doing and giving space to feel into what I want to create next.

How is this challenge impacting my relationships with nature, myself and other relationships?

This may not be challenge related, but do I feel like I am beginning to know each one of the birds in my garden and I love seeing their daily activity.  I especially love that their activity has triple-folded since I started putting food out for them and that they feel safe enough to come into the garden and wait for food.

With Love

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