Connecting you to your Soul Purpose

Belinda and Fionn are the co-creators of The Owl and The Wolf.  Our Spiritual path is rooted in the belief that we are an integral part of nature and we are all one.  

We created The Owl and The Wolf with a vision to connect us to our true nature through sacred ritual practice, which will bring deeper meaning to our life. Through a deeper connection with ourselves we will be able to shed what no longer serves and bring healing and balance to our lives as we reconnect with our souls purpose, Earth side.

The Owl and The Wolf is a loving and inspired safe space, which has been created with the intention for individual and collective healing and transformation. Our aim is to assist you on your journey to reconnect you to your body, your mind, your soul.

Cacao Ceremonies, Rituals, Sister Circles and workshops.  Reiki and Shamanic Power Retrievals.

We look forward to working with you and connecting you to your Soul Purpose.

"Do you know what you are? You are a manuscript of a divine letter. You are the mirror reflecting a noble face. This universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you are already that." ~ Rumi

Events and Therapies

Upcoming Events



Awaken Your Inner Witch

I luckily managed to get a place on this sell-out workshop. I was really keen to learn more about my inner witch and this workshop was perfect. Led by Fionn and Belinda who share their invaluable experiences and knowledge, the workshop gave me the opportunity to learn more about Goddesses I hadn’t worked with previously.

It was also a wonderful opportunity to meet and work with like-minded people, sharing our own experiences and going forward united, stronger.

You will receive a box full of goodies to use over the workshop period and also a fantastic manual that has everything you need to keep you on track.

If you are thinking about booking then follow your heart, it’s a fantastic course and your inner witch will thank you!



Re-Ignite Your Light Retreat

The (meta)physical journey there and back invited and welcomed positive inner growth and healing. Belinda and Fionn held the space with such art, care, love and attention to detail that enabled us all to meet ourselves, the goddess and other beautiful women walking a similar path. I can’t thank them enough.


Re-Ignite Your Light Retreat

What an amazing weekend away. I can not express how much I got from this retreat. I met the most fabulous woman and had a wonderful time. From stories and songs around the fire to watching sunrises and sunsets and a magnificent drumming experience at the stone circle. There was so much more but I would be taking the magic out of it if I told you. If you get the chance I urge you to book. The owl and the wolf will take you on a journey of self-discovery while holding space for you safely to explore. Looking forward to more from this duo. 🙏❤ Paula x


Re-Ignite Your Light Retreat – Arran

I had an amazing time at the retreat, it was amazing to sit around the fire, singing songs and drumming. Plus I love cacao and connecting to the goddess and Arran was a beautiful location!

Conne Lasune

Power Retrieval

My Power Retrieval session with Fionn was absolutely incredible! relaxing yet I got so many messages and healing from it too. Fionn is a powerful channel and a very caring and dedicated practitioner. Fionn is a trustworthy and experienced healer and I will be back for me.  Thank you, Fionn, Aho 🙏🥰
Monika Dyzcko

Cacao Ceremony

I loved Fionn’s Ceremony.  She is an apt leader with a huge heart and her gifts and abilities are honestly otherworldly.  She can intuitively connect to the energies she works with, in a way that is awe-inspiring and absolutely would love to join her at another ceremony.


Cacao Ceremony

I have been to a few of your cacao ceremonies and enjoy yours the most. I like the fact that it is not stand-alone, but part of a bigger experience, the journey. It has a purpose wider than drinking cacao. You have made doing it online special. I can really feel the connection with others although we are miles apart. I like that you guide people in the ways to prepare, you give them the facts and then allow them to make their own decisions through experience. Every circle just gets better. Thanks for holding that great space.


Reiki Testimonial

Amazing Reiki healer. Targets areas that are damaged the most and leaves you light and happy after the session. No mattered how anxious or unhappy you were before.❤


Distance Power Retreival (Canada)

I was feeling drained, and a little out of sorts earlier in the year, in particular, that loss of energy which comes from a few too many stresses and strains going on in my life.  It was suggested to me to try a healing technique called “Power Retrieval”. This was new to me, and I decided to work with Fionn for my first session on a “Distance” version of this Power Retrieval. Fionn chatted with me about what I was hoping to achieve, and what my current concerns were. We then agreed on the time at which Fionn would journey to conduct the power retrieval, and subsequently when we would reconnect again to discuss. When we reconnected, the journey she took was really quite profound. She saw my power animal, and she described in a lot of detail a state which I was longing to get back to and was hoping for. While I didn’t feel anything immediately during the time Fionn had made the journey, the coming days, weeks, and months resulted in a lifting of a heavyweight from my shoulders, a substantial increase in energy, drive, and a wonderful result of a pregnancy! I do believe that this session helped me get unstuck and the details of the journey resonated with me that I continued to have dreams, and have images flash up of what Fionn had described. I felt she saw my future self and that in itself was the motivation from Spirit to take back my power. Definitely worth giving it a try, and I would certainly draw upon this technique again should I phase a similar challenge in the future.


Power Retrieval (In-Person)

I felt much more cheerful after my Power Retrieval. It helped me to keep calm and more steady. I did not feel like I need to be in the centre  of attention and I was not scared to miss out anymore. I also realised that I am quite happy the way I am and the right people


Goddess Workshops

Beautiful, well thought out content, with lots of love which has gone into the preparation. Thought-provoking and the perfect amount of information to get you started on the significance and magic of goddesses from around the worl.


Goddess Workshops

I had the most wonderful experiences through doing this course and met some beautiful women. This course takes you on a personal journey to meet your goddesses and awaken your goddess within. It’s a well thought out course and put together very well. The Owl and The Wolf duo complement each other in their teaching. I am excited to see where this duo will take me next on my journey.

Distance Power Retrival (Scotland)

I had a distance Power Retrieval with Fionn and at the time I was going through quite an anxious period in my life not only because of the Pandemic but due to issues with my husbands business and trying to juggle everything. I had felt my heart close down but after my session with Fionn, I immediately felt much lighter and an expansion in my heart where I could feel like I had the space to process my emotions again. I was able to move through this difficult time with much more ease and looking back a few months after my session massive shifts started happening in my life and I’m sure the work Fionn did with me was the major catalyst and for that, I am eternally grateful. Fionn is a deeply intuitive and grounded therapist and I think the work she does is incredible.


Spell Work Circles

Spell circles with Fionn and Belinda are great, but as this is a very new area for me I can’t comment too much. I’ve only had one and will be joining them for Yule, but it is interesting and provides information on many levels. Definitely worth trying for me 🤎
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Power Retrieval (In-Person)

Power retrieval with Fionn was really amazing! The energies are subtle, but powerful, almost a month ago and I still feel the effects and I would recommend it to anyone! 🤎


Goddess Workshop

The Goddess Workshops were beautifully held, both within each session and also overall. Everything had been considered and magically planned for, from the box arriving before the first workshop to how, at the end, it was possible to realise and appreciate how complete the process had been.  Fionn and Belinda were gentle and careful guides, had thoroughly prepared and knew their stuff.  They created a safe space within which to mother our evolving and assimilating insights.


Reiki – Testimonial

The Reiki session helped in slowing me down to listen for direction.  No more pushing ahead.  Thanks so much for holding the space and guiding the healing.


Sister Circles

Thank you so much for bringing us together.  I loved the energy in the circle and that we could share everything.  Your energy is truly amazing.


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